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    Foreign-Born Population Reaches Highest All-Time Level Under the Biden Regime

    Foreign-Born Population Reaches Highest All-Time Level Under the Biden Regime

    Jose Nino | Sep 16, 2022

    According to a recent United States Census Bureau report, the foreign-born population of the country has reached its highest level in history.

    Over the course of the past year, two million illegal aliens and legal immigrants have obtained residency in the US. Cheap labor-addicted businesses and the multicultural lobby, who salivates at the prospect of displacing legacy Americans, are both jumping for joy.

    Per data that Steven Camarota at the Center for Immigration Studies presented, the foreign-born population reached about 47 million in 2022. John Binder of Breitbart News noted that this is “largest ever [foreign-born population] recorded by the agency’s Annual Social and Economic Supplement survey.”

    Binder called attention to how since 1970, the US’s foreign-born population has quintupled. Since 1980, that population has increased threefold.

    In 1990, the foreign-born population was just half of what it is in 2022.

    “The foreign-born share of the U.S. population is approaching the record highs reached in 1910 (14.7 percent) and 1890 (14.8 percent),” Camarota outlined.

    If Democrats had their way, they’d be pursuing mega amnesties that would put them well on the way towards estate one-party state hegemony. Voting trends point to migrants being a solid voting bloc for Democrats.

    Republicans must oppose both illegal and legal immigration. This is an existential question for both the party and the Historic American Nation. If we lose the national question battle, we lose every other political battle.

    We must get this question right. And that will involve implementing an immigration moratorium, ending birthright citizenship, ending chain migration and implementing E-Verify.

    Foreign-Born Population Reaches Highest All-Time Level Under the Biden Regime - Big League Politics
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    End birthright citizenship and stop allowing non-citizens to buy up our real estate! Lease only.


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