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    FoxNews Reports on Border Rancher

    [b]If Governor Brewer’s signing the SB 1070 does nothing else, it has for sure brought to the surface much of what politicians from both parties and ALL Network, Cable, and Print Medias have managed to suppress for years. As one author writes, America’s most forgotten are the victims of illegal aliens. Their stories are underreported, quickly and deliberatively removed from public consciousness, buried in the hopes they will be forgotten.

    Fox’s Greta Van Susteren had a report on one of the many border ranchers whose life has been a living hell on earth. They have had their property stolen; their homes broken into multiples of times, their cattle slaughtered in the fields, and in some cases, their families were a prisoner in their own home for fear of going outside.

    Still with all of this…these US citizens are still expected to pay taxes and never expect even the most simply protections from the state and federal governments in return.

    Prior to Governor Brewer signing SB 1070, those of us in Georgia would have heard the below story only by a chance crossing on the internet.

    Listen to this rancher as he comments:

    “Since 1999, a half a million illegals have been caught on this ranch

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    Clean elections? Does anybody trust the election process anywhere in this nation anymore? I have been unable to for a long long time.
    Restitution to Displaced Citizens First!

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