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    France is the future?

    I sit here watching the news and they are discussing the fact, did the French bring this on to themselves (the riots)? Kind of funny considering where the United States of America is at this point. The same question could be asked, have we brought all this on to ourselves? This is just the beginning. I dont understand why all this is such a shock to everyone, it has been going on in Texas for the last 75 yrs. Just a month ago, Houston got a Major League soccer team, the one from San Jose. Well, they wanted to make the team name, Houston 1836er's. 1836 being the year that TX announced its independance from Mexico, Battle of the Alamo and San Jacinto, etc. (it would have a statewide fan base then) Well that didnt fly too well, 2 wks later, named changed to the Dynamos since it offended too many Mexicans. (espec since soccer is so popular with the Latino populations). The numbers dont lie, in areas of the SW from Texas to CA, demographis are changing. These students on the news walking out of school, most of them have never been taught US history nor TX history. If you asked them anything about the constitution, bill of rights, etc; they could not answer. No one knows their pasts, so no really has any pride in anything anymore, or maybe we arent allowed to have any pride anymore. The decisons made by the last few generations and the present ones, will weigh heavily on the future of this country. The winds of change are upon us and blowing heavily.
    <div align="center">I am in favor of making a thorough trial for peace, and if we fail in this and our state is invaded, to defend it with terrific resistance. - [i]to his nephew, January 1861

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    The winds of change are upon us and blowing heavily.
    Faint smell of refried beans if you ask me!

    Having ancestors who contributed to the Republic of Texas effort, this attempt to "retake" Texas makes my blood pressure reach the stroke point!

    We're noticing in our community nasty attitudes from the illegals. A friend told the bus boy he better learn to speak English if he was going to live here because he said he wasn't going to learn Spanish. The boy mumbled something and the cashier then had an attitude with our friends when they questioned a charge on their bill. These are nice people that don't cause a "stink" about things. You would have thought they were the enemy as nasty as they related the girl working the register (young Hispanic female) got with them. She was defensive from the "get-go." Another customer remarked to the husband that "that sure could have been handled better." (referring to the cashier's arrogance and attitude)

    Whose country is this anyway????

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    I am in California, and I am careful not to say anything provocative in a restaurant until my food and drinks are in my hands--even then I'd usually rather have a relaxing meal. I worry about something nasty ending up in my dinner. I've actually wondered about some of the high profile Minutemen and such--I guess they have to be pretty picky about the establishments they choose to dine in.
    <div>"True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else."
    - Clarence Darrow</div>

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    It's really hard to believe that someone demands a job for LIFE! This is our future, I'm sure and it's already started. The govt. has is ONE and ONLY chance to stop it. In a few more years, the riots will break out. Especially when we throw out all the ones now and get someones (I Hope) will revert all this, and then you will see the riots. We have to stop it. There is NO OTHER choice. I have teenage grandkids. I can't stand thinking about their future in this mess.

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