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The streets of Grand Island were a lot calmer Monday night after a major immigration reform rally earlier in the day. It was all part of a national day of action. A major immigration reform rally kicked off early Monday morning and it was all to bring attention to the rights of immigrants. Chanting "si se puede," which means "yes we can,"about a thousand people like Miguel Garcia rallied on the streets of Grand Island.

"We are all peaceful, just hard workers, and just want an opportunity," said Garcia.

With signs reading "we are not criminals but working people," they hope to bring attention to immigration issues as congress considers a comprehensive plan on immigration that could affect some of these people.

"We want them to really think about this immigration bill that they want to pass," said Jose Arreola.

Early Monday morning, demonstrators met near St. Mary's Cathedral. They made their way to city hall where the mayor did not know they were coming. The group asked for the mayor and he delivered a message.

"We are glad you are here, we are glad you are providing direction on this issue, and that is what makes the U.S. great," said Mayor Jay Vavricek.

Dozens of students from elementary schools to high schools were also marching. Some said the rally takes priority over one day of classes.

"Hispanics are not here to cause any problems, we are just here to work and they are the ones that do most of the work and without out us the country is nothing," said highschool freshman Yessica Solano.

"Please, give us an opportunity 'cause we are all hard workers, not criminals," said Garcia.

G.I. police Monday night said things went smoothly.

About 6 or 7 police officers were out Monday morning helping with traffic.

No one was arrested.

Meantime, the city is now gearing up for another rally on May 1st