Germany: Police statistics show that murder and manslaughter are mostly committed by asylum seekers


Celebrate diversity! Refugees welcome! They are not dangerous, they are in danger!

“Federal Criminal Police Office: Murder and manslaughter is the specialty of asylum seekers in Germany!,” translated from “Bundeskriminalamt: Mord und Totschlag ist das Spezialgebiet der Asylbewerber in Deutschland!,” by Michael van Laack, Philosophia Perennis, October 18, 2020 (thanks to Medforth):
We received shocking news from France a few days ago. But we don’t have to look over the Seine to be able to make the sad statement: “People with a southern appearance”, who enrich us with Muslim moral concepts and African culture, like to solve problems with their neighbors with finality. Because one who is dead does not bother them anymore!
According to a special evaluation of the Police Criminal Statistics (PKS) carried out by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), almost every seventh person who has been suspected of manslaughter or murder since 2015 has been an asylum seeker, a person entitled to protection, a quota refugee or a tolerated person. For other “crimes against people” (serious or dangerous bodily harm), it is more than one in eight.
Has the BKA been infiltrated by Nazis?
This is a justified question, because the office confirms in its statistics what many people from the bourgeois camp (from the point of view of the decent and upright “supporters of the deeply National Socialist party” AfD) perceive again and again: People with non-white skin and Muslim faith are more willing to solve problems with violence. Since, in the opinion of the Federal Government and almost all elected representatives of the old parties, this is an inhuman assertion – the deepest racism – one has to assume that in addition to the police and the armed forces, the BKA has meanwhile been brought into line by the “fascists”.
95,000 of 750,000 serious physical injuries and almost 14,000 suspects of murder or manslaughter since 2015. How could one publish such a number? That will play back into the hands of the right. Time to abolish the BKA, right? Then it will work better again, with tips from the ARD framing manual. Because how can one credibly show how racist the German right and the correspondingly great danger these subjects are for “our democracy” as long as BKA statistics are public that show that Germans are more likely to be victims of asylum seekers than the other way around?
Photo by Aude – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,