GOING VIRAL: “60 Minutes Australia” Film Crew Gets Nasty Reality Check in 8-Year-Old Video Shoot While Doing a Propaganda Story About “Marginalized” Muslim Migrants in Sweden (VIDEO)

By Cullen Linebarger
Feb. 26, 2024 8:40 pm

Credit: 60 Minutes screenshot

Resurfaced footage captured the moment a bleeding-heart film crew from Down Under got a cold dose of reality while doing a propaganda story about Muslim immigrants invading Sweden.

As Jim Hoft
reported, this incident occurred back in Stockholm, Sweden in March 2016 but has exploded online in recent days. The migrants were reportedly from Somalia originally.

The footage opens with a Swedish man lamenting to a female Aussie reporter how the migrants don’t assimilate well into Swedish culture, are unemployed, and don’t speak Swedish well. One argues this makes them feel “marginalized.”

The reporter then happily notes that not everyone is “hostile” like this gentleman and engages in some small talk with a few migrants. Then, things took a sudden turn after the police left the area.

A group of masked migrant thugs arrive and start attacking. One throws a rock at the film crew to get them to leave.

The same masked migrant then kicks and smacks one of the photographers, causing him to stumble backward.



60 Minutes goes to #Sweden to make a propaganda segment to convince the world how beneficial and wonderful third world immigration is and they end up getting violently attacked by the #migrants instead. You get what you deserve.

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4:28 PM · Feb 25, 2024

The clueless female reporter then says in a panicky tone that they are leaving and “there is no need to be unkind.” The masked thugs predictably ignore her, and one kicks a camera.

Another Somali invader grabs and karate kicks a member of the camera crew before they get distracted. A Good Samaritan arrives to end the madness by driving his mobility scooter into the most troublesome attacker.

The film crew then finally departs the scene.

This violence is a direct result of the lax policy Sweden has operated concerning immigrants. The country has blatantly ignored the challenges of integrating millions of people from across the world, especially from Muslim countries, into their society.

The results have proven tragic. Rape crimes have risen 2200% since 1975, with 42,936 reported from 2018 to late 2022. 61 places in Sweden are now “no-go” zones with police allowing extremists to operate unimpeded due to them being outnumbered.

The new right-leaning government has attempted to make efforts to crack down unchecked migration from Non-EU countries especially from Muslim ones. But the violent crime problem, thanks to Muslim gangs, continues unabated.