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Thread: GOP PAC to target Republicans who don’t walk pro-immigration line

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    GOP PAC to target Republicans who don’t walk pro-immigration line

    Carlos Gutierrez is the CEO of Kellogs - sell your stock if you have any.
    GOP PAC to target Republicans who don’t walk pro-immigration line

    By Cheryl K. Chumley
    The Washington Times
    Wednesday, March 6, 2013

    Republicans who don’t tow pro-immigration lines may face fire from within the ranks of their own political party.

    A new Republican super-PAC headed by former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez is aimed at supporting GOP candidates who want immigration reform, The Hill reports. So to those Republicans who stand for stronger border controls and less amnesty — watch out.

    “We focus primarily on ‘take the [immigration reform] vote now, and we’ll support you.’ Those who don’t take the vote who get attacked by primary challengers who would have voted for it — that’s a very interesting question,” Mr. Gutierrez said, in The Hill. “That’s also a possibility.”

    Mr. Gutierrez added: “If someone has voted for immigration reform and gets a primary challenger, we’ll go after them. We’ll go after challengers.”

    Mr. Gutierrez’s group is called Republicans for Immigration Reform. He served as Commerce Secretary from 2005 to 2009.

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    Conservatives should openly declare that they want to throw RINOs out of the Republican Party. For decades the RINOs have been sneaking around "in the shadows" sabotaging conservatives. The public needs to know that there is no two party system; there is only liberal Democrats, liberal Republicans and conservatives. I really believe that when Joe average citizen says "they are all crooks" he is expressing his observation that Republican liberals and Democrat liberals govern the same way.

    We need a public brawl to expose that George Bush and Baroque Obama are more like each other than either is like a real conservative e.g. Michelle Bachman or Jeff Sessions. Conservatives need to stop being punished for the mess that liberals make. Bring the battle out into the open so the public can see that there is a real choice, liberals R&D or conservatives. Also it will send a clear message to the opportunistic politicians, walk the conservative line or we will end your career.
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    Time for us to target GOP PAC!

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    Carl Rove should move to France because he appears to enjoying giving in to the Democrats, personally I believe like other RINO's Rove should not be in charge he has backed losing candidates past two elections and I expect that in 2016.
    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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