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    GOP weak on immigration policy (Michelle Malkin)


    GOP weak on immigration policy
    May 1, 2005

    Whip-cracking Hillary Clinton (call her Hillary Buchanan) wants a "border czar." In a letter to U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Sen. Clinton, D-N.Y., wrote this week: "National security and, in particular, security at our borders, must continue to be paramount."

    Catch No. 1: Clinton wants a border czar only for the border between the United States and Canada despite the fact that the vast majority of illegal border-crossers come from the south.

    Catch No. 2: Though stipulating that national security must be "paramount," Sen. Clinton also insists that the Bush administration "be sensitive" to "tourism and the regional economy" - which is why she opposes a quite reasonable Homeland Security plan to mandate the use of passports for travelers entering the U.S. from Canada or Mexico.

    Imposing this security measure on short-term visitors would put needed pressure on both of our neighbors to shore up their identification validation systems. Entry into this country is a privilege, not a right.

    Now, before my fellow conservatives get all outraged about Hillary's politically calculated doublespeak on border security, here's another catch: President Bush has the exact same position as Hillary. When he learned about the passport requirement plan earlier this month - a plan he signed into law last December as part of the so-called intelligence reform bill - he worried that it could "disrupt the honest flow of traffic." After expressing ignorance about his own policies, Bush ordered State and Homeland Security to reconsider the passport rules.

    What a pair: Sen. Conniver and President Clueless. Pick your poison. Either way, we're committing national suicide.

    I have said often that the only thing saving the Republicans on the immigration issue is the Democrats' stupidity. No more. Hillary may only be playing dress-up on border security, but that's far more than most of the cowering GOP elite in Washington is willing to do. And she's not alone among Democrats who are beginning to exploit the White House's vulnerability.

    Sounding positively O'Reillyian, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., complained that an agricultural illegal alien amnesty bill sponsored by GOP Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, and defeated last week would have been a "huge magnet" for illegal immigration. Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., sponsored a successful amendment funding Border Patrol agents, immigration investigators and interior enforcement agents that the Bush administration had shortchanged.

    And as Manhattan Institute fellow Heather Mac Donald reported on our group website, The Immigration Blog ( "Maxine Waters, who represents South Los Angeles, erupted in a tirade against Hispanic and black gang members last week" on illegal alien gangs. Railed Waters:

    "Why isn't anyone talking about the Mexican Mafia [a gang of illegal Mexicans that controls the California prison system]?" she thundered. "I don't care if you're pink or purple or white or black or brown, I want you out if you're committing crimes." There is no excuse not to control the border, she said.

    This week in D.C., following on the heels of the successful Minuteman Project, hundreds of citizen lobbyists descended on Capitol Hill to send the same message. They are being led by some of the nation's most influential conservative radio talk shows in every major market - including organizer Roger Hedgecock from San Diego, Melanie Morgan from San Francisco, "The John and Ken Show" based in Los Angeles, Lars Larson in Portland, Ore., and Michael Smerconish in Philadelphia.

    On their agenda: fixing the nation's broken deportation and detention system; ending sanctuary policies that give illegal aliens safe haven; strengthening interior enforcement; and shutting off illegal alien magnets including health, education and Social Security benefits.

    One participant reported that the staff of Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., refused to admit her to his office. But the reception from Beltway Republicans hasn't been much warmer. And the White House still won't meet with pro-immigration enforcement leaders such as Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., and the House Immigration Reform Caucus.

    As long as the elites in both parties continue to act like scared monkeys, Americans will be forced to take homeland security into their own hands. We are all Minutemen now.
    "This country has lost control of its borders. And no country can sustain that kind of position." .... Ronald Reagan

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    Ahhh... And she is going to run for President? Somebody needs to get on the horn fast and tell her that most terrorists pose as ....tourists... when they come to a country to blow it up.

    And while I do want some degree of sensitivity for tourists, we need to be aware the Bush Administration wants to test nuclear weapons that essentailly can be carried in a shirt pocket. I don't even want to think about this.

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    When my hubbie and I went to Europe several years ago, we visited about 8 countries. We had to use our passports at every point of entry. It took about as long as it takes to pay a toll on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and LESS TIME that it takes to pay a toll on the PA Turnpike during Rush Hour. Checking passports is NO BIG DEAL FOR HONEST TOURISTS!!

    Maybe Bush never took an honest trip as a Civilian and didn't know how easy it is to check a passport; how common it is; and how necessary it is IF you are fact trying to keep DISHONEST people out of your country!

    In Greece, the Airport was filled with very handsome Greek Military carrying what looked to be like "uzzies" on their shoulders. They were in military uniform and had on very big boots on their feet and an attractive Beret on their heads.

    This was necessary because of some terrorist act against TWA there shortly before we arrived.

    Did it bother us? No. Did it impede our tourist adventures? No. Did we stay a shorter time? No. Did we spend less money? No.

    What did it accomplish? It kept DISHONEST PEOPLE out of Greece and kept the HONEST PEOPLE safe.

    Sounds like a GREAT IDEA we should try here in the USA.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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