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    September 18, 2005

    Jim Gilchrist and the Minuteman Project enjoyed a tremendous welcome by rank-and-file Republicans at the California GOP Fall Convention this weekend!

    A full report and additional pictures will follow today, after the close of the Convention.

    Jim was embraced enthusiastically by hundreds of Republican and conservative activists throughout the Convention events, commended repeatedly by those participating there for his patriotism and dedication to America for founding the Minuteman border watch movement, and encouraged greatly in his campaign efforts to hold the Republican Party accountable to its grassroots -- and its Reagan Platform -- on national security, national sovereignty, and immigration law enforcement.

    Jim was invited to speak to several of the activist meetings in Workshops and Caucus Meetings, and his straight talk about our border crisis and the need for new leadership was warmly received at each by the base of the Republican Party faithful. The urgent imperative to act to defend our borders and communities that is the question of the hour placed before America -- and before the voters of CA's 48th Congressional District on October 4th -- was widely acknowledged by those attending the GOP gathering.

    The Minuteman Project Booth displayed literature and mission reports on the border watch movement from its ongoing operations, and on behalf of numerous organizations working in coalition with the Project on American's border crisis and issues of immigration law enforcement. The display booth, like Jim Gilchrist himself, also enjoyed a constant stream of GOP wellwishers expressing their interest and endorsement of Jim's efforts.

    The Minuteman Project Reception, attended by well over 200 supporters, was an unqualified success -- and a very good time for all! Jim Gilchrist, speaking briefly to the room, noted, "I am so humbled and grateful for the support and the momentum that the work of the Minuteman Project has started --- but everyone remember: I haven't done this work alone. The real heroes are the Minutemen and women who have been out on the border line, doing the job our government refuses to do -- and I thank them from the bottom of my heart."

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    Pics here:

    I was at this event, the support for Jim and the Minuteman Project was amazing, the reception room was backed. The professionals from the campaign were thrilled.

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    Those pictures are great, LadyofShallot !! I think he's going to win. Keep up the great work !!
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