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    Guard Won't Be Effective on Border

    Guard won't be effective on the border

    From Bob Doshier

    I am a retired supervisory immigration agent and former Border Patrol agent. The plan to temporarily put National Guard troops in strategic locations on the southern border will have little effect on illegal border crossings because it leaves large areas of the border without additional manpower.

    Historically, concentrated enforcement efforts in strategic areas only delayed illegal crossings and caused the aliens to move to other, less protected areas before crossing.

    The plan to temporarily use 6,000-plus NG troops is a token force compared to the number actually needed along the entire border. The president has said the use of troops will be temporary, yet a plan to train 6,000 additional Border Patrol officers to replace them will take years.

    Like it or not, this country is in a different kind of war without weapons. It is an illegal immigration war with Mexico and other Latin American countries. America is losing because it has never had the leadership, willpower or means to effectively deal long term with the many illegal alien issues.

    So, let's just call the current NG troop plan what it really is, an ineffective and unrealistic maneuver by the president to politically appease big business and Hispanic voters while doing nothing to solve the immense illegal alien problem facing this nation.

    And folks, we all deserve better than that.
    <div>"True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else."
    - Clarence Darrow</div>

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    I agree.......but if that is all we can get I'll take it. Enforce immigration laws!

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    The argument all along has been that the guard ( or a fence) along the border would not be effective at deterring illegal immigration.

    So far, they've denied us a fence while they posture and play act for the cameras. An effective fence and barriers could have been built LONG AGO...

    They've sent this little force of the guard for a 'temporary visit' to the border to prove their point. We tried the guard and it didn't work will be the next hue and cry.

    Oh, and 300 miles of fence? Yeah, same goes just didn't work...



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    If they were allowed to enforce our law by being armed with the ability to arrest and detain--
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