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    Guatemala Gets Serious About Detaining Migrants and Halts Caravan Coming from Hondura

    Guatemala Gets Serious About Detaining Migrants and Halts Caravan Coming from Honduras

    The caravan is blocked.

    Published 4 hours ago on Oct 5, 2020
    By Jose Nino

    According to a report by the Associated Press, Guatemala announced that it would detain and deport approximately 2,000 Hondurans on October 1, 2020.

    Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei promised that the caravan would be compelled to return to Honduras due to the Guatemalan state’s concerns about the Wuhan virus.

    “The order has been given to detain all those who entered illegally, and return them to the border of their country,” Giammattei declared, according to the AP report. “We will not allow any foreigner who has used illegal means to enter the country, to think that they have the right to come and infect us and put us at serious risk.”

    In order to halt the caravan, Giammattei revealed that a number of constitutional rights would be suspended in provinces the caravan was expected to reach. At the border, migrants were asked to supply negative Wuhan virus tests and register themselves. Nevertheless, most migrants apparently crossed the Guatemalan border without complying with these demands.

    The AP reported that the Guatemalan military set up interior checkpoints to look at migrant’s documents. In addition, the bulk of the migrants were young men. A woman in the group who brought her daughter and granddaughter said she learned about the caravan via Facebook.

    Per the AP, the Central American migrants started traveling in large groups as a means to safely travel and avoid paying predatory smugglers. The possibility of the caravan making its way to the U.S. border appears to be slim due to Central American and Mexican governments’ willingness to play ball with the U.S. and start tightening their borders. This was evidenced by Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. Under this policy, southern border crossers claiming asylum would be ordered to return to Mexico or Central American countries while waiting for their asylum requests to be processed.

    One aspect of migration reform policy that must be exploited is interstate cooperation to guarantee stable borders within the Western Hemisphere. Fluid borders in America’s backyard will bring about mass institutional disruption and could wind up exporting Latin America’s perennial state of dysfunction to the states.
    The Trump administration is correct in engaging with Central American governments to tackle these issues.

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    These invaders have no rights any country they illegally crossed. That is complete BS.

    They have "rights" back home, where they belong. They can go Caravan right to their presidents doorstep for their rights.

    EVERY country in the world needs to expel them back over the FIRST border they illegally crossed...and on down the line from there!

    We are not their Travel Agent to provide thousands of airplane flights home. They walked here and they can damn well walk back home or go to their Embassy or Consulate to pay for their transportation.

    No more conveyer belt of illegal aliens being DUMPED in our countries and on our backs to pay for. No more extortion money to these countries to keep their own people! Stop throwing money at this problem.

    Designate their cartels, gangs, and terrorists as Domestic Terrorism and give them the Death Penalty at sunrise, same in USA. Put a dent in these violent vermin who destroy our cities and our lives. There are too many of them.

    Get on birth control and stop breeding in the dirt. It is disgusting. These raping men need to be given vasectomies or put down, this is disgusting they are free to violate and harm women and children.

    They have land, they have resources, they can build America on their own soil if they want jobs, peace, and prosperity.

    Audit our schools, healthcare, welfare, food stamps, jobs, housing, bank accounts, drivers licenses and make them self deport.

    No anchor baby and no IRS child tax credits to illegal alien parents!

    No immigration for 10 years at a minimum. Enforce Public Charge and start expelling them! No DACA, no Amnesty #8, no path to stay. We have had it with this unrelenting invasion of our country.

    We have our own "refugees", American citizens living in our streets, thousands and thousands who have lost their homes to fires, floods, hurricanes, and tornados.

    We have no business allowing anybody to come here...period. We have millions out of work and unable to pay their bills or healthcare.


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