Guatemala: migrants can now call home for free in El Ceibo

REPORT from International Committee of the Red Cross Published on 28 Jul 2017View Original

Each year thousands of people, mainly Central Americans, undertake the perilous journey to the north of the American continent in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

On the way, these migrants face untold hardship, physical and mental exhaustion, and loss of dignity.

They have little or no access to basic services.

In addition, they easily fall prey to different forms of violence, including sexual. Many people disappear along the way.
The ICRC, in coordination with the Guatemalan Red Cross and other local and international organizations, provides different services for migrants on the road, including free phone calls.

This is part of its Restoring Family Links (RFL)

tless people who arrive dehydrated at his home with water purified using ecological filters.
There is no brighter hope for the ICRC's humanitarian work than the existence of people like Andrés, who devote their lives to helping those most in need.