Gunfire from Mexico Crossed Border and Hit Texas Woman in Face, Believe Police

AP File PhotoBOB PRICE27 Apr 20198 2:06
Police officers in Laredo, Texas, say that a woman sustained non-life-threatening injuries after being shot in the face by a stray bullet they believe was fired from the Mexican side of the border. Laredo police say they turned the case over to the FBI as a “transnational event.”

Laredo Police Department officers responded to a call Saturday night at a local hospital in regards to a woman who appeared to have sustained a gunshot wound to the face. The officers traveled to the location where the woman said she had been shot, according to a Laredo Police Department press release.
When officers arrived on the scene of the shooting, they found two additional bullet holes in a house. The officers followed the trajectory of the bullet and found an additional impact point in a house located to the east of the original location. At that location, officers found a projectile of an undetermined caliber and recovered it from that house.

“Initial information indicates that the bullet may be a stray bullet coming from the Mexican side of the border,” police officials stated in the press release. The officers filed an incident report and referred the case to the FBI “as the result of a transnational event.”

Breitbart News reached out to Mexican law enforcement contacts. These contacts said that the police and military law enforcement agencies in Nueva Laredo did not engage in any gun battles at that particular time. They could not provide any information about the source of the gunfire that struck the woman on the Texas side of the border.

The incident is being investigated by the FBI. Breitbart News reached out to the FBI for additional information. An immediate response was not available.