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    Here's one way to solve the immigration puzzle ... roe23.html

    Here's one way to solve the immigration puzzle
    April 23, 2006


    From the moment the street protests began sweeping across our nation, I've been conflicted about the growing illegal immigrant dilemma.

    Black Americans and Mexican Americans have historical and ancestral bonds going way back, as documented by "The African Presence in Mexico," now on exhibit at Chicago's Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum. And, as a good-to-the-bone liberal, when I see my ideological soul mates --the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy -- argue for what some see as amnesty for the lawbreakers, I find myself flipping through the rule book trying to figure out how I lost my page.

    On the other hand, anything that George W. Bush is for, my natural instinct is to be against. Further contributing to my confliction is that other president, Vicente Fox. Why hasn't he posted Mexican troops along his nation's northern border to discourage his citizens from risking life and limb in pursuit of a better-paying job? Why hasn't he put into play economic reforms that would allow some of Mexico's wealth to trickle down, creating a middle class? And was he being racist or ignorant when he made that statement last year about his people working the jobs that my people won't work?

    In seeking the answers to these questions, I believe I have come up with a solution: Let's make Mexico our 51st state.

    Annexing Mexico makes more sense than either of the schemes the U.S. Congress may reconsider when it reconvenes this week. The draconian Sensenbrenner bill in the House, which would make immigrants, and those who help them, felons, could lead to midnight raids and caravans filled with deportees. The McCain-Kennedy compromise in the Senate would allow those who slipped into our nation to skip to the head of the line while providing no ways and means of preventing another 11 million or so from slipping through in the years to come.

    I realize that the elites who now run Mexico's government and benefit from much of that nation's wealth will probably find my humble suggestion unfathomable. So, I'm sure, will a number of our well-positioned fellow citizens who want to keep American culture as Anglo as they imagine it should be.

    But, rather than have the good citizens of our great nation live under the threat of Mexico's weapon of mass immigration, it would be better for us to very quickly employ the Bush doctrine of preventive war. Mexican immigrants, both legal and illegal, are on the verge of re-occupying those territories our nation acquired from theirs some 160 years ago. Lest those unfamiliar with our nation's grand history forget, we lost Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie at the Alamo. A decade later, their heroic attempt to free the Republic of Texas was realized after the Mexican-American War. The spoils of that valiant undertaking resulted in our purchasing California and New Mexico at fire sale prices.

    A preemptive strike would quickly cower our continental neighbor and its job-grubbing citizens. Three years ago, the Bush administration demonstrated in Iraq how good we are at accomplishing such a mission. As we're now witnessing, of course, while we won the war, we appear to be losing the peace. I doubt that we'd have to suffer a similar embarrassment next door because my modest proposal calls for the annexation, not the occupation, of Mexico. I have no doubt that Donald Rumsfeld would support my position that Mexico's 106 million citizens will welcome our liberating forces with margaritas and mariachi bands.

    I firmly believe the annexation would be a win-win. The United States would have a 51st state that would dwarf Texas in size. Fox would be able to do a job no black American would want to do: go from being president of the world's 12th wealthiest nation to governor of, behind California and Texas, America's third-wealthiest state.

    And the Minutemen would no longer have 1,951 miles of border to patrol to keep the Spanish-speakers from sneaking in. Guatemala's northern border is a mere 600 miles long.
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    Spoken like a true liberal! Make Mexico a state? I can just see the Democrats trembling with excitement at the thought of registering all those "poor people" to vote. Since the Democrats have to slither their way into office by buying the votes of non-tax-paying people at the expense of real tax payers, this would indeed turn America over to liberals, with no hope of getting it back.

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