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    High Treason, Free Trade Area of the America's FTAA

    April 21, 2005

    Newby: High Treason, Free Trade Area of the America's FTAA
    By John Newby

    The citizens of our great Nation are currently locked in a life and death struggle against a foreign invasion of illegal aliens and our government. The stakes have never been higher or the future more ominous. Don’t be mistaken, our government has plenty of support from internationalists, academia and the media as they continually erode our sovereignty, merging us into a chaos called a New World Order (NWO). Organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and United Nations (UN) are leading this charge. Whenever American’s hear the term NWO, they had better run for cover, or better still, stand up and be counted. The only order associated with NWO is the orderly fleecing of your jobs and money through treaties such as NAFTA, CAFTA and the FTAA.

    Illegal immigration is fast becoming the demise of our once great country. While our country was created on the backs of pilgrims, pioneers and those seeking political and religious freedoms; bear in mind it was done in a legal and organized fashion. Those coming came to contribute, work, gain education, and above all, did so legally. Contrast that today with millions flooding across our borders sapping the healthcare industry which is driving up costs to unpredented levels; driving up auto insurance rates due to the massive numbers of un-insured drivers; taxing our education system to the brink of extinction (that might not be all bad); taking many of the jobs otherwise reserved for entry level high school and college students. In addition, the tag team of Fox and Bush have created Mexico’s number one import, American greenbacks flowing south across the border.

    Not only are we fighting unconstitutional treaties and illegal immigration, we’re fighting ourselves. Let’s establish a basis point; great Nations don’t fall, great Nations commit suicide. I’d like to credit former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm with the following observations. To destroy a Nation, the following must happen. First, turn your country into a bi-lingual or multi-lingual country. No country can survive the tension and conflict of two primary or competing languages. Secondly, encourage multiculturism making all cultures equal. Tout the line that minority dropout rates are due to prejudice and discrimination by the majority. Any other explanation, however valid must be discouraged and is simply out of bounds. Thirdly, promote diversity rather than unity. Celebrating our differences rather than celebrating our similarities. Fourth, make our fastest growing demographic group the least educated with nearly 50% dropout rates. This would help to establish the cult of victimnolgy which is funded by large corporations that places the blame on the majority. Lastly, promote dual citizenships and divided loyalties. Stress diversity, as most diverse people worldwide are mostly engaged in hate, at least when not killing one another. Topping it off, create words to label anyone fighting to control the above, such as ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’ to halt any and all discussion or debate.

    What has happened to the E Pluribus Unam (out of many, one) our country was created from? You don’t find that thought process on the front pages or the evening news. “Diversity is great,� is all you hear and see.

    Colin Powell recently said; “our common border is no longer a line that divides us, but a region that unites our Nations, reflecting our common aspirations, values and cultures.� With friends (?) making statements like these, who needs enemies? I get comments from readers asking, what are we fighting for or why hang on? To answer that question, I’m reminded of an exchange in The Lord of the Rings. Frodo asks; “what are we holding on for?� Sam replies; “there is still good in this world and it’s worth fighting for.�

    There is plenty to fight for, but to wage a valiant fight, one must be educated. I’d encourage readers to research this and other information from my columns or those of many others. Don’t take my word for it, study it in your mind and ask the hard questions. One of my favorite quotes sums it up.

    Judge Learned Hand said, “Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women, when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it.�

    April 21, 2005

    © 2005 John Newby - All Rights Reserved

    John Newby is currently the Circulation Director and Columnist for the Moline Dispatch Publishing Company. Prior to his current 15 year career in the media industry, he served his country as a Weather Forecaster in the Air Force. He's a regular speaker at industry training sessions and enjoys the opportunity to present his ideas.

    While not adored in most newsrooms, his columns consistently generate excellent response as he concentrates on media biases, fact-less reporting and the ongoing attacks on the Constitution. John is happily married to his eternal partner Kathy and have been blessed and kept busy with their nine wonderful children. E-Mail John at

    Submitted to The Federal Observer for republication by

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    The false lies of 'free trade'

    Either just search out: 'CAFTA' on the internet or go to to learn more and send faxes. Go to: Also go to: to learn more and send faxes.

    Darlene is right, it is high treason because CAFTA and the FTAA, just like NAFTA, are designed to subvert the authority of the U.S. Constitution (what is to be the supreme law of the U.S.) transfer much wealth (socialism) and to ultimately do away with the U.S. as a sovereign Nation. Those lawmakers that know of this intent and support these bad Trade deals sellout America.

    The big lie here is all in the positive naming---calling it "free trade" when it is exactly the opposite---because just like NAFTA, CAFTA and the worse FTAA are 1000's of pages long with authoritative laws and tribunal court designs that then designates the WTO (World Trade Organization) as the body who then has authority to supersede actions by any participating Country.

    This has already occured in NAFTA in a case in Massachusetts where a Canadian real estate company filed suit against Massachusetts. The Massachusetts supreme court decided against the Canadian company and the case was then appealed to A NAFTA COURT. The international WTO NAFTA court overruled the Massachusetts supreme court and thereby overruled U.S. sovereignty. Another incident recently occurred with Mexico and a California tire company.

    President Bush has yielded to and submitted to WTO rulings in the Fall of 2004 involving the steel industry and was seen saying, "we must abide by WTO rulings." Time and again now the WTO has ruled AGAINST the U.S. (recently was the cotton farmer industry in Georgia). Well of course, the U.S. simply has to give up its wealth because international Bureaucrats could care less about any such U.S. sovereign interest and simply say so.

    The thing is with the FTAA, is that it goes WAY, WAY beyond just Trade ---there are laws destined to control every aspect of functioning of National societies --- labor law, environmental, immigration (no Borders), healthcare, etc. This IS World Slavery. The poor former Nations of the European Union are coming to realize this as they have now gotten into forming an EU Constitution loaded with WTO and UN laws. Once entangled it will be difficult to break off. There is now resistance occurring in France and the UK.

    The suporters of these global Gov't Free Trade arrangements want to call their Opposition or 'Americans who stand for their Nation' as "isolationists" and that is far from the truth. America has been involved with global Trade from the start of its Nation and there are many trade deals now. Americans know they must internationally Trade and compete and truly free business occurrs between willing buyer and seller with Government interjected laws. Entering into these entangling "Free Trade" agreements that has really little to do with Trade and more with sovereignty loss and transfer of wealth should be rejected. NAFTA is the example of the lost jobs, industries and destruction. CAFTA is an expansion of NAFTA. The FTAA is an expansion of CAFTA.

    All Americans should speak out to Reps. and Senators to kill CAFTA. A majority of NC Congressmen currently stand opposed to CAFTA, but we must keep the pressure on. This coming May is when the pro-forces including our helpful President Bush & more so his administration (including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce) will be tring to sell CAFTA as positive. There could be some kind of stealth vote passage attempt right close to Memmorial Day, so don't do vacation too early - this is what they count on.

    Either just search out: 'CAFTA' on the internet or go to to learn more and send faxes. Go to: Also go to:

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    Added comment

    President Bush and U.S. Congressmen simply surrendering U.S. sovereignty, Trade authority and other U.S. lawful domains goes directly against and violates the U.S. Constitution that they are to uphold and protect.

    The Congressmen need to know that surrendering U.S. Sovereignty and abbrogating or simply casting off their most responsible oath of duty will not be tolerated and will cost them their office job!!

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