Suspicionless Homeland Security Checkpoints Expand Into Northern Maine

I've recently been pointed to several online news articles regarding Homeland Security checkpoints being setup in Northern Maine. The checkpoint(s) appear to be located between Sherman and Houlton along I-95. The closest border to the general area is New Brunswick, Canada to the East.

As with their Southern counterparts, the checkpoints being manned by Customs & Border Protection officers and Border Patrol agents are not being limited in scope to brief immigration queries as required by Supreme Court jurisprudence. Rather, the so-called immigration checkpoints are being utilized as dragnet enforcement operations with the assistance of drug sniffing dogs while agents actively look for stolen vehicles, contraband and terrorists, all absent any suspicion whatsoever. Additionally, Homeland Security is using air support to look for vehicles driving along perfectly legal travel routes within the vicinity of the checkpoint.

It's interesting to note that CBP spokespersons have refused to release any information regarding how many illegal border-crossers have been apprehended or how much contraband has been confiscated. This of course indicates they haven't interdicted anything worth mentioning. Otherwise, they'd be screaming it from the rooftops. It's also interesting to note one of the comments from the CBP spokesperson in the first article:

“I know some folks are inconvenienced but usually it takes a mere one or two minutes and you’re on your way, he said.
Border Patrol, we’re all part of the community and one of our goals is to make our communities safer. Cooperating and just letting us do our job makes it that much easier for the traveling public, Casillas said." ... checkpoint