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    Question Hospital Refuses to Release Medical Records of 5 y o Victim Raped By Musilm Migrants

    After I return from covering the Republican National Convention, I will be heading to Idaho to protest this outrage. Stay tuned for details.

    Exclusive — Pamela Geller: Hospital Refuses to Release Medical Records of Five-Year-Old Idaho Victim Raped By Muslim Migrants

    by Pamela Geller, 16 Jul 2016

    A five-year-old girl was raped and urinated upon by three Muslim migrant boys in Twin Falls, Idaho; one of them, a 14-year-old, videotaped the attack. After the attack, instead of getting justice, the victim’s family has been abused and targeted by law enforcement and medical authorities as if they were the criminals. The mother cannot get copies of the medical records of her own child, or transcripts of 9-1-1 calls made on the day of the attack.

    In examining notes taken of their conversations with the victim’s mother, I was taken aback by how contemptuous they are of her. They talk down to her, as if she were the perpetrator, not the mother of the victim of this monstrous attack.

    It is outrageous. And it gets worse. The supposedly seven-year-old rapist who put his penis in the girl’s mouth, urinated on her and in her mouth, and who reportedly owned the blue pocket knife that he used to threaten her, was never even removed from his home. That family still lives next door to the victim. For the longest time, the attacker wasn’t even limited in his access to the community’s children; now he must be supervised by someone 14 years old or older. When they stipulated this, the court had to have been aware that the boy who videotaped the rape was 14. This a gross insult against this victimized family — and a direct result of a judge’s decision.

    Meanwhile, the neighbor of the family who caught the perpetrators in the act, an elderly woman known to all as “Grandma Jo,” has been living in constant terror since she first happened upon the grisly scene. She has been stalked by the Iraqi family of the seven-year-old attacker. Her apartment is back-to-back with theirs; they peer into her windows and pace back and forth in front of her apartment in a clearly menacing manner.

    The victim’s family has received no assistance — no financial aid from federal or state programs to help them relocate. It is almost impossible to find a place to rent because of the housing shortage due to the sudden crush of refugees. Rents have gone way up as well. The five-year-old rape victim is still living next door to the ringleader of the Muslim mob that raped her. She is terrified and won’t leave the house, as the attacker’s family members walk by the victim’s family’s windows and taunt them.

    The poor girl desperately does want to play outside, but it isn’t safe to do so without parental supervision. Recently a carload of Muslim males pulled up in front of mother and daughter. The car stopped and its occupants stared them down. The mother witnessed one of the males run into the house and get something that appeared cylinder-like: at the time she was afraid it was a gun. Moments later, their house was being struck by bottle rockets. This isn’t an isolated case in Twin Falls, as there have been other reports of American homeowners having their homes struck by bottle rockets. And let’s be serious: these people are not celebrating the Fourth of July or Americanism.

    The prosecuting attorney has gone out of his way to imply that this rape was false information. His interviews have led the media and public officials to deny clear facts of the case. The U.S. Attorney for Idaho even vowed to charge anyone who made false statements about the perps. The Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has whined that the case has become “a lightning rod for anti-Muslim, and anti-refugee sentiments.”

    A source close to this horrifying case has struck back against the disinformation being propagated in the case, and sent me a complete time line of events. So here at last is what really happened, straight from someone who was deeply involved the whole time.

    On Thursday, June 2, 2016, the little girl was assaulted by Muslim migrant boys: two Sudanese boys aged around 10 and 14, one Iraqi boy around seven years old. The girl said that they used a knife and dragged her to an apartment laundry room at Fawnbrook apartments in Twin Falls. They were caught in the act by a neighbor — Grandma Jo. According to Grandma Jo, when she opened the laundry room door, she saw two boys standing over the naked victim, urinating on her and “pulling” themselves. She told the attackers to get dressed. Then she helped the victim get dressed (in her urine-soaked clothing). A neighbor arrived to help, and the victim was taken to her family apartment. Her maternal grandmother arrived, the girl was washed and dressed, and the family called 911 three times.

    Before the police arrived, the 14-year-old attacker disappeared. Eventually, Twin Falls County Sheriff personnel arrived, as well as police. They took statements. The two attackers who could be found were “scolded” and told to obey Grandma Jo. The police warned them to be good or they would come get them in a large school bus and take them to jail; they were told to obey Grandma Jo in order to avoid this.

    That evening, the little girl was taken to the Emergency Room at Saint Luke’s Hospital, where she was examined for rape and blood work was taken. The girl’s parents say that at Children at Risk Evaluation Services (CARES), she was examined by a Dr. Reese. She was told to go for second evaluation on June 6 with CARES doctors. It is unclear if at this or any other time the assailants were frisked, examined, or subjected to blood or urine tests. They were not restrained or removed from their homes.

    The next day, two police detectives interviewed Grandma Jo in her home. A police detective, J. R. Paredez, brought the victim a stuffed toy.

    On Monday, June 6, CARES interviewed the little girl while Detective Paredez and two counselors watched. Photographic evidence was taken of what was taken at the time by the girl’s parents and a doctor to be a cut on her neck, as well as of her private area. Days later, however, the girl’s mother called CARES for an update and was told that the neck cut was actually just a scratch, and that this was determined by “blood vessel” appearance – an evaluation based on examination of a photo, not a reexamination of the victim.

    The family put the victim in a day-care center in order to remove her from proximity to the perpetrators, who continued to run unrestrained in the complex. The victim’s family is poor; their sister-in-law paid the center’s $500 bill.

    On June 7, KMVT, a local TV news station, published a Facebook news story on possible sexual assault at Fawnbrook.

    Six days later, on June 13, citizens address the Twin Falls City Council during “public input” to question them about the rape of the child. The next day, a collection was taken up for the girl’s family; they were presented with the money on June 15.

    On June 16, the Prosecuting Attorney’s office called the family while the supporter who had taken up the collection for them was visiting their home. Both parents spoke to Janice Kroeger, the Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, and told her that they wanted the attackers prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    The next day, a detective called the family at 11:45 a.m. to say that warrants would be issued for the arrest of the attackers, but time was needed to process them. The family was fearful of backlash from the families of the perpetrators. Several individuals began video surveillance of the area.

    On Saturday, June 18, two of the perpetrators, both Sudanese Muslim migrants, were arrested. Kroeger called the victim’s family from the Prosecuting Attorney’s office to tell them that the arraignment would be Monday, June 20, at 1:00 p.m. The father of the victim told Kroeger that the family insisted on being involved in all the hearings. Curiously, Kroeger questioned his interest in the case.

    At the Sudanese boys’ arraignment hearing that Monday, the family of the victim and a “nonprofessional” support person were in the courtroom. Notably, Angela “Angie” Beeson, the Director of Victim Services, was not present.

    Outside of the courtroom, the parents of the victim and several of their supporters, along with Jeff Rolig, an attorney for Fawnbrook apartments, the apartment manager, Detective Paredez, and a Sergeant Wright of the Twin Falls police had a conversation about the knife that the victim (and others) said was used by the perpetrators. (The fourteen-year-old attacker had cut an eight-year-old girl two weeks before this attack; the boy used his blue pocket knife. The mother of this child had entered a complaint against him at the time of the rape, but later dropped it for fear of retaliation.)

    On June 20, the family met with Grant P. Loebs, the prosecuting attorney, and Janice Kroegar at the Prosecuting Attorney’s office. Loebs rambled through a “victim’s services package list” and stated that Angela Beeson would be the victim’s advocate for the family. The parents requested a restraining order, but Loebs and Kroegar appeared uncertain if a seven-year-old could have such an order filed against him. Loebs said that he had given three interviews in order to “clear up” the confusion and “set the facts straight.” Loebs stated that “the system” was “not prepared” to deal with a seven-year-old.

    Later that day, Twin Falls Police Chief Craig Kingsbury made a public statementpraising the police department, CARES, and the City Council. He called the rape “lewd and lascivious” and said it was a case of “boys acting out.”

    During the next week, a supporter of the family, Julie Ruf, took dictation from Grandma Jo for her sworn affidavit. Ruf typed it up as it was spoken to her. Grandma Jo reviewed the affidavit and then took it to her bank, signed it and had it notarized. She then gave it to the victim’s parents so they could give it to their attorney.

    On June 21, the Twin Falls Police Department sent an officer to search the Fawnbrook apartment complex for the knife. The officer spoke to a friend of the family who informed him that the knife was known to be a blue pocket knife that the perpetrators hid in a Russian olive tree on an empty lot nearby. Officer confirmed that the area around the tree appeared to have someone “hang out there often.” Then pictures were taken with him and kids in his police car.

    On June 23, the Sudanese boys were arraigned for a second time. They were released to their parents and a second Sudanese family. Angie Beeson discussed court procedure with the parents of the victim. A supporter of the family warned Beeson that if the boys were released, they may be a flight risk; Angie answered that they would just need to be arrested again if they fled. Papers were signed by victim’s parents, but it is uncertain what they were. An observer in courtroom indicated that Janice Kroeger didn’t appear confident and was apparently reading from a book; at one point, Kroeger actually asked the judge if she was doing okay (in reference to her actions in the proceedings).

    On the same day, Fawnbrook apartments issued an eviction notice to both the Sudanese and Iraqi families that were involved in the rape. The Sudanese immediately began to move out, and were gone by Monday the 27th.

    The next day, Wendy J. Olson, U.S. Attorney for Idaho, issued her notorious statementwarning that giving out “false information” about the perpetrators could violate federal law.

    On June 24, a No-Contact order was issued, as per the parents of the victim’s request, against all three assailants. Sergeant Wright stated that it would not be entered into the Police Department’s record until days later.

    On June 27, the mother of victim called 911 offices in Twin Falls to request a copy of her public record 911 transcripts. The woman on the phone told her that she wasn’t sure that the victim’s mother would be “allowed” to have those, and that she would need to contact the prosecutor’s office. The prosecuting attorney’s office called back with the answer that no documents would be handed over until the case was closed, because it was a sealed case.

    That afternoon at a meeting of the Twin Falls City Council meeting, Twin Falls Mayor Shawn Barigar gave a soliloquy absolving the City Council of responsibility and telling the community to calm down. Julie Ruf told the council that the Iraqi child was still running free in the complex and playing among the other children. The victim and her family, consequently, were shut away in their home to protect themselves. From this evening on, the Iraqi boy remained mostly in his apartment, as did his mother or grandmother (it was difficult to determine which she was).

    Also on June 27, Nevada Assemblywomen Michele Fiore and Shelly Shelton were traveling through Twin Falls on the way home, and stopped at Fawnbrook to offer aid and comfort to the victim and her family. Fiore called Detective Paredez to ask him for the case number (which the parents did not have), and was treated disrespectfully by him.

    On June 28, Olson issued a second statement to clarify her inflammatory and authoritarian June 24 statement.

    That day, the parents met at Jaker’s restaurant in Twin Falls with attorney Bruce Skaug. The parents requested that Julie Ruf remain with them during this meeting, but Skaug insisted otherwise, and Ruf left. The parents then signed a contract with Skaug — under duress, due to their vulnerable emotional condition. They gave Skaug Grandma Jo’s affidavit. Despite their subsequent requests that he return it, he has not done so.

    In Jaker’s restaurant, Julie Ruf saw, at another table with the private investigator for Bruce Skaug, another attorney, Jeff Rolig. He was seated in a booth that placed him shoulder-to-shoulder with Skaug, with a glass and pony wall divider between them.

    On June 29, the parents of the victim told Skaug to cease work on the case and to send them a copy of their contract and his billable hours.

    The mother of the victim went with her neighbor to the Twin Falls Police Department: the neighbor intended to drop charges against same Iraqi boy who knifed her daughter two weeks before the rape. While she was there, Detective Paredez, Sergeant Wright, and another officer asked to speak with the victim’s mother. They escorted her behind two locked security doors and proceeded to grill and intimidate her until she was crying.

    Paredez specifically mentioned Assemblywoman Michele Fiore’s phone call.

    The victim’s mother had called Julie Ruf, but Ruf arrived after the police had escorted her to a back room. Ruf asked to be taken to her since she had requested it, but no officer was sent to unlock the double security doors.

    Upon returning to lobby, the victim’s mother was visibly shaken, but proceeded in the lobby with a written request for her 911 transcripts. She passed the written request through the deposit drawer in the lobby. No proof of the request, or denial of it, was given to her.

    On July 6, the parents called Skaug and left him a message, again to dismiss him as their lawyer. They asked him for a copy of their signed contract and billable hours, and asked him to return their paperwork.

    That same day, the mother called CARES for a copy of her daughter’s medical records. A CARES employee told her that CARES does not release records and transferred her call to a second CARES employee, identified as Sarah. There followed a discussion about counseling for the victim. Sarah said that CARES did not print out medical records and told the victim’s mother that Paredez had the paperwork, and that it may already have been submitted to the prosecuting attorney.

    The mother of the victim then called Paredez, using the police department’s general number). She asked him for the CARES medical records. Paredez responded that they were in the case file, and told that mother that she would need to fill out another public record request for the release of the CARES medical records.

    The mother then called Angie Beeson for help with the release of the public records and medical records. Beeson told her that the case was sealed, that the parents may need to be witnesses if the case went to trial, and that “everything needs to be from your own mind.” She told the mother: “You as a mother can’t be denied medical records, but CARES may not release the records,” and that the prosecuting attorney couldn’t release anything until the case was over. The mother of victim offered to file a written request for the records; Beeson said that she would need to ask Grant Loebs, but that she shouldn’t need to put it in writing, that her word should be good enough.

    The next day, July 7, Grant Loebs called the mother of victim to tell her that he had received notice from Bruce Skaug that he had been dismissed. Loebs directly asked the mother of victim why the family had dismissed Skaug; they did not give him an answer.

    On July 8, there was an Admit or Deny hearing for the seven-year-old Iraqi attacker, with Judge Thomas Borreson presiding. The boy pleaded not guilty. The Protection Order against the boy was altered from 300 yards to 100 feet, and included the supervision of someone 14 and older. He remains in his home with his “mother” and unidentified adult males.

    On July 9 at 11:00PM, the mother of the victim called Julie Ruf; she had been frightened by a carload of male Muslims who stopped in front of her apartment building and stared at her. She had allowed her daughter to play late after the other children went in — sunset was at about 9:30PM. She saw one male go into an apartment and get something before she went into her own home. As far as she could see, what he got appeared to be a firearm.

    By 11:30PM, the family was hearing loud noises. The mother texted and then called Ruf again. Something began hitting their house. Ruf advised them to call the Twin Falls Police Department. The police arrived quickly and told the family that they believed that what had been hitting the house were bottle rockets being fired by teens nearby. The family had a terrified and sleepless night.

    On July 12, Angie Beeson called father of the victim to inform him that she would no longer be acting as their advocate. She said they should contact Grant Loebs as their advocate, and also said that she would be mailing them something. Loebs later called the victim’s mother, but she did not answer. When he called again, she did answer, and Loebs talked for a very long time. He informed her that he would be their advocate now, and that they were not to contact Beeson. Loebs suggested that Beeson may have been threatened, but didn’t say so directly.

    On July 13, Susan Tully of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) met with people in Twin Falls, after which she was invited to meet the victims. She apparently called Angie Beeson to attempt to resolve the victim’s issues. It is unclear whether or not she reached Beeson, but the victim’s mother was notified later that day that Tully had spoken to the prosecutor, who made sure that Tully understood that the victim’s parents could go see the paperwork (including the 911 transcripts and medical report), but could not have or make copies.

    That night, at the Twin Falls County Precinct committee meeting, Loebs spoke to the Republican members (about 35 to 40 people). An eyewitness said that Loebs referred to “the alleged raping,” claimed that there was a “quick response of the police department,” and said that the media was making things seem much worse than they were, as the incident had been “blown out of proportion.” He said that “two of the three suspects were arrested and held for four days.”

    Loebs also said: “The victim’s family is confused; I spoke to them for twenty minutes the day before.” He added, “Twin Falls is not a corrupt place, it’s safe,” and said, that the case was not significant, as there were other rape cases.

    This travesty of justice is ongoing. It must end. Contact these people and demand justice for this poor little girl and her family:

    Grant P. Loebs (Prosecuting Attorney) 208-736-4020

    Janice L. Kroeger (Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney)

    Angela “Angie” Beeson (Director of Victim Services) (20 736-4164)

    Jeff Rolig (local attorney for Fawnbrook Apartments) (20733-0075)

    Jeff Passadore (Head attorney for Fawnbrook Apartments) (503) 702-0535)

    Bruce Skaug (20466-0030 Meridian, Idaho attorney)

    Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (702) 985-8142)

    Nevada Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton

    Wendy J. Olson, U.S. Attorney for Idaho

    We will not be letting this case go. Watch my future articles and my website for updates.

    Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. Follow her on Twitter here.
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