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Thread: House Republicans Cutting Tax Credits for Children of Illegal Aliens

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    House Republicans Cutting Tax Credits for Children of Illegal Aliens

    5 Apr 2016

    In an apparent attempt at winning back the hearts of conservative voters, the Republican representatives are making cuts in their proposed budget for next year. Those cuts include cutting Obamacare and IRS tax credits for the children of illegal aliens.

    The House Ways and Means Committee, chaired by Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX), and the Energy and Commerce subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), have recommended changing the policy on $1,000 per child tax credits by requiring the person filing the return enter a social security number instead of a Taxpayer ID number as is the current policy, according to an AP report by Andrew Taylor. This change would stop illegal aliens from being able to claim tax credits for their children. It is estimated this would save $20 billion over the next twenty years.

    The committees also recommended cuts to a “prevention fund” that was established under Obamacare in the Affordable Care Act. They also proposed providing the government a method to reclaim subsidies for Obamacare from people whose income unexpected rose during the year.

    Fights in the House over other cuts in the budget are placing Republican lawmakers in the position of possibly not passing a budget for the first time since they took over leadership of the House in 2011. This is something Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is not happy about. A law passed years back that would cut the paychecks of representatives if they failed to pass a budget has lapsed. Ryan things it should be restored, Taylor reported.

    “When I grew up in Wisconsin, if you had a job and you did the work, then you got paid. If you didn’t do the work you didn’t get paid. It’s that simple,” Ryan said at the time. “All we’re saying is: ‘Congress, follow the law. Do your work. Budget.’ ”

    One of the big obstacles to budget passage is in an effort to cut $44 billion by placing restrictions on medical malpractice awards. This proposal is in the House Judiciary Committee where Houston Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX)76%
    opposes the measure because he believes it violates states’ rights.

    “What this legislation does is goes and tells 15 states that since you do not have a limit on punitive damages, we are going to impose a limit on punitive damages in your state whether you like it or not,” Poe said to the AP reporter.

    Proponents of the restrictions claim the change would save money in Medicare because doctors would perform fewer “defensive medicine” procedures.

    Other obstacles to the budget appear to be in the Agriculture Committee chaired by Texan Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX). The chairman told the AP he is waiting on food stamp cuts until a larger budgetary agreement is made. He told the AP there is no reason to “create a furor and have an argument with a bunch of folks” if the issue isn’t going anywhere.

    Another Texan, Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), chairs the Financial Services Committee. He has been silent on his committee’s plans to make cuts in the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial system overhaul, the AP reported.

    Taylor claimed, in his AP article, that Republican lawmakers have never actually sought to implement controversial cuts they have been proposing. One of those cuts he discussed is a proposal to transform Medicare into a voucher-like program for new retirees at some point in the future.

    However, the cuts that have already been proposed are targeting $140 billion in cuts over the next ten years.
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    No person in the United States illegally should receive 1 cent of government aid of any kind for any reason except emergency medical, detention shelter, food and water until they're deported. Period. This isn't complicated. It's very simple.

    Other obstacles to the budget appear to be in the Agriculture Committee chaired by Texan Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX). The chairman told the AP he is waiting on food stamp cuts until a larger budgetary agreement is made. He told the AP there is no reason to “create a furor and have an argument with a bunch of folks” if the issue isn’t going anywhere.
    Oh sure, why offend a bunch of illegal aliens when you can continue to abuse American citizens, American workers and American taxpayers?

    This is the lack of courage and conviction that has gotten us into this mess to begin with. By the way, you've already offended a "bunch of folks" with these ridiculous policies, and those folks are American citizens who are absolutely fed-up to the gills with disgust running out of our ears and "wherever" with the disaster of illegal immigration and the impotence of Congress to prevent it.
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    The illegal alien looting of the Treasury through unearned income credits has been going on and known about for years. Now, they are going to fix it through Committee? Why wasn't that done 5 years ago and saved taxpayers 100 billion dollars? More reactive politics.

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    The program is being pushed in sanctuary cities, city & federal funds - mailings, website, notifications, city paid employees.

    When is the last time IRS enticed people to get cash back? Certainly not for American citizens - everything is for the illegals, O treats them like GOLD. Meanwhile they are cutting so much from our seniors in the Medicare program - it is disgusting.
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    The "committee" was supposed to be working on it in 2012 but the credit is being pushed more than ever......amazing. Articles are from 2012....our funds are going to kids in mexico, nieces, nephews etc! IRS employees say we just push them thru, we can't even read them, the documents are made on a home computer..SS& ITIN numbers do not match....
    O is distributing our monies to poorer countries via illegals working in the US thru the IRS and it is still in full swing.
    NBC: Obama IRS refunds 'Illegals' $4.2 billion for kids--in Mexico

    Jeffrey Klein 5/2/12

    This bombshell dropped on Monday in Washington, D.C., causing outrage throughout the halls of Congress, and now beyond, to the "genuine" taxpayers who have been robbed all across America.

    Investigative television reporter Bob Segall of Indianapolis NBC affiliate WTHR TV Channel 13, was contacted by a long-time central Indiana tax preparer, who blew the whistle on a multi-billion dollar tax fraud about which the IRS has done nothing, according to the TV news show video segment that aired on Monday.

    "There is not a doubt in my mind there's huge fraud taking place here," he said, slowly flipping through the pages of a [heavily redacted] tax return.

    "We're talking about a multi-billion dollar fraud scheme here that's taking place and no one is talking about it," he said.

    The scheme involves illegal immigrants that are filing tax returns, claiming child credits for multiple dependents under their support in "their" U.S. household, and collecting enormous cash refunds--such as one persons tax return that showed income of over $14,000, who collected a cash refund of over $10,300.

    In 1996 during the Clinton Administration, the Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) was created in order for both resident and non-resident aliens, regardless of immigration status, to fulfill their tax filing and payment obligations under IRS regulations--even though an ITIN does not confer the right to work and receive income in the United States.

    This year tax preparation offices across the country were flooded by an estimated 2 million illegal immigrants, who in growing numbers have been taking advantage of a tax loophole called the Additional Child Tax Credit--a fully-refundable credit of up to $1000 per child--meant to ease the income tax burden on working families who have children living at home.

    However, Segall's investigation and reporting found many illegal immigrants who were claiming these tax credits, but for kids who live in Mexico–even listing nieces and nephews.

    "We've seen sometimes 10 or 12 dependents, most times nieces and nephews, on these tax forms," the whistleblower told Eyewitness News. "The more you put on there, the more you get back."

    After Segall reviewed many of the heavily redacted tax returns, it was still clear that the tax filers had received large tax refunds after claiming child tax credits for many dependents.

    "Here's a return right here: we've got a $10,3000 refund for nine nieces and nephews," he said, pointing to the words "niece" and "nephew" listed on the tax forms nine separate times.

    "We're getting an $11,000 refund on this tax return. There's seven nieces and nephews," he said, pointing to another set of documents. "I can bring out stacks and stacks. It's just so easy it's ridiculous."

    Under agreement not to reveal their identity or filming them face on, Segall of WTHR was able to speak with several of the illegal immigrants who, using Segall's translator--confirmed it is easy.

    One of the workers, who was interviewed at his [appeared to be a 2 bedroom mobile home] in southern Indiana, admitted that four other illegal immigrants used his address to file tax returns--even though they don't even live there.

    These four workers claimed that not only they, but a total of 20 children between them--about 30 people--lived in the residence.

    s a result, the IRS sent the illegal immigrants tax refunds totaling $29,608.

    Upon Segall questioning the man regarding that incredible residency claim, he replied ... "They don't live here ... the other kids are in their country of origin, which is Mexico," later saying that none of the 20 children have ever visited the United States–let alone lived here.

    Segall then asked why 'undocumented workers' should receive tax credits for children living in a foreign country, which is a violation of IRS tax rules?

    "If the opportunity is there and they can give it to me, why not take advantage of it?"
    Segall then met with Russell George, the U.S. Treasury Department's Inspector General for Tax Administration, who stated ... "The magnitude of the problem has grown exponentially," but that the IRS has known about the problem for years.

    Mr. George said his department has repeatedly warned the IRS that additional child tax credits are being abused by undocumented workers--in 2009 alone, their annual audit report showed that ITIN tax filers received about $1 billion in additional child tax credits.

    The same audit report from 2010 showed it cost the American tax payers more than $4.2 billion.

    "Keep in mind, we're talking $4 billion per year." George continued by saying "It's very troubling" that the IRS has not taken any action on the matter--despite these multiple warnings from their own inspector general.

    "Millions of people are seeking this tax credit who, we believe, are not entitled to it," said the inspector general. "We have made recommendations to [IRS] as to how they could address this, and they have [still] not taken sufficient action in our view to solve the problem."

    Segall's investigation revealed that claims for additional child tax credits by ITIN filers have skyrocketed during the past decade--from $161 million in 2001 to $4.2 billion in tax year 2010.

    He also found that illegal immigrants filed 3.02 million tax returns in 2010, with 72% of those returns (2.18 million) claiming the additional child tax credit.

    Segall's attempts to speak with any of the 100,000 employees of the IRS were rebuffed; instead they emailed this statement...
    "The law has been clear for over a decade that eligibility for these credits does not depend on work authorization status or the type of taxpayer identification number used. Any suggestion that the IRS shouldn't be paying out these credits under current law to ITIN holders is simply incorrect. The IRS administers the law impartially and applies it as it is written," the statement said.

    George disagrees with that position and believes the IRS should be doing more to prevent undocumented workers from getting billions in US tax dollars.

    "The IRS is not doing something as simple as requesting sufficient documentation from people seeking this credit," he said. "Once the money goes out the door, it's nearly impossible for the IRS to get it back."

    Segall says that the IRS says it can't change the system unless it gets permission from Congress; and closing this loophole requires lawmakers to pass a new law specifically excluding illegal immigrants from claiming additional child tax credits.

    However, the IRS "Ten Facts About Child Tax Credit," does not concur, as illegal immigrants, by definition, fail the citizenship qualification test.
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    They will talk about it for good impression but it will never get done.

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    We need Trump. Trump will stop this nonsense in 2 seconds. it's just unbelievable what's going on.
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