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    HOUSTON ??? What sanctuary?

    What sanctuary?
    Houston and Harris County are as diligent as the state in detaining criminal aliens

    May 8, 2010, 5:54PM

    An issue raised in the governor's race by incumbent Republican Rick Perry's campaign is that Democratic contender Bill White maintained policies as mayor of Houston that effectively gave sanctuary to illegal immigrants.

    But as the Texas Tribune pointed out last week, during Perry's record-breaking stint in the governor's mansion the Texas Department of Public Safety's policies on enforcing federal immigration statutes have been virtually identical to Houston's.

    Since 1992, Houston police have maintained a policy that undocumented alien status is not, in itself, a matter for local enforcement. In 2006 former Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt issued a clarification that officers must check the wanted status of everyone ticketed, arrested or jailed. Those with confirmed hits from the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are detained.

    Compare that with DPS regulations, which limit state troopers to arresting illegal immigrants only when they have current warrants against them or for violation of state laws. DPS officers are prohibited from conducting road checks or searches of businesses or homes on immigration matters except when assisting appropriate federal officers. According to the policy, “members will not arrest without a warrant an alien solely on the suspicion that he has entered the country illegally.â€
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    Interesting trick, Harris County is not Houston. Harris County get their marching orders from it's County Commissioners. The Harris County Sheriff's Department i operates under the jurisdiction of the Harris County Commissioners Court, not the Houston City Council and Mayor. While The Sheriff's Department uses 287G and has no problem not being involved in Bill While and Houston's sanctuary status, Houston PD does not have that luxury.

    Thus while unincorporated Harris County is not a sanctuary for illegals, Houston city limits is still very much one.

    The bottom line:

    Rick Perry + Bill White = Sanctuary for illegals

    Neither of these two scum bags will do this state any good.
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