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Thread: This Is How Congress Should Craft Its Immigration Legislation Photo of Raoul Lowery-C

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    This Is How Congress Should Craft Its Immigration Legislation Photo of Raoul Lowery-C

    This Is How Congress Should Craft Its Immigration Legislation

    11:38 PM 02/12/2018

    U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is in the process of creating an immigration bill that only Congress can has the power to begin.

    Immigration is the exclusive responsibility of the Congress, as per Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution; Congress is mandated “to establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization,” also known as immigration.

    Here, the battle begins. Leader McConnell has promised an open process — the process starts with a “blank page.”

    Most Congressmen have no clue about what to do with immigration. Shall they fortify the southern border? Shall they “hire” more agents to enlarge the 20,000 agent Border Patrol? Shall they shoot illegal border crossing people on sight like some border “patriots” want?

    The immediate problem that needs solving is what to do about the “kids,” the “Dreamers,” those who are subject to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). To that, the President wants more border security in the form of his “beautiful wall;” jettisoning “chain migration” and ending the visa lottery.

    First, “chain migration” is not what the President says it is. His proposal would have prevented his own mother from immigrating to the U.S.

    Second, the visa lottery is easily disposable. Canceling it will limit immigrants from San Marino, Central Asia or Zimbabwe

    “Border Security” means many things, including President Trump’s Wall from “sea to shining sea” – which is impossible to build, as Chief of Staff John Kelly says. Moreover, as this piece is being written, United States Federal District Judge Gonzalo Curiel in the San Diego Federal Court is hearing court orders that could prohibit the President from waiving dozens of federal laws and rules which protect border lands from being disturbed by construction for environmental reasons. Judge Curiel could stop border construction – something on which the President insists.

    In San Diego, for example, already-instated double fencing that cost millions to build has effectively shut down mass illegal border crossings. As many as a thousand people a night used to wade across the Tijuana River or walk through the surf of the Pacific Ocean to enter the U.S. illegally. The fence was built out into deep water and strong surf. It’s still there.

    There are parts of the border that can be fenced, which would cut down illegal border crossings. However, the rugged mountains in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas Big Bend area make it hard to build on.

    In the Rio Grande Valley, border construction needs to be well inside the United States and on private property.

    Then there is what to do with the “kids.” The “kids” are people brought into the United States when they were minors on a legal visa that expired or that were smuggled through the border illegally. About 700,000 of these people were granted protected status, and many had been renewed for the Obama Executive Order two-year-at-a-time protection from deportation. Though the federal courts have set aside the March 5th deadline, President Trump announced at the end of the Obama-DACA program that it is possible the program can go away before Congress fixes it.

    Here, then, are five measures Congress can, maybe even must, take:

    1. Accept President Trump’s proposal to legalize 1.8 million “kids” that qualify for the program with citizenship.
    2. End the visa lottery.
    3. Limit “chain migration” to only minor children and spouses, and possibly parents if they are young enough to work or invest in business.
    4. Vote for money to repair existing fencing and barriers and study the border for future fencing or barriers.
    5. Enlarging the existing E-VERIFY job application system and requiring it of every job applicant in the U.S. This would need private credit card companies that handle millions of transactions a day to handle the system; the system would have an automatic priority appeal built in to protect the job applicants from mistakes.

    Lastly, and more important in solving illegal entry and visa overstays, is filling demand in certain occupations for workers to do work for which there are not enough Americans to do. It has nothing to do with pay; it has to do with not enough people being in the right place at the right time.

    Crops are rotting in the fields of California because there aren’t enough people to work them. Ski resorts can’t find enough people to work in the winter season. Arizona, Las Vegas, and California contractors building houses in the summer can’t find enough workers to work in daily 100 degree temperatures. President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Florida resort must bring in workers from Romania to take care of visitors.

    A simple work permit will legalize hundreds of thousands of current illegal farm workers and allow farmers (ski resorts, contractors, etc.) to bring in workers as needed. The employer would pay the fees, clear the workers through E-Verify, and make payroll reports every payday from their lap tops.
    Voila! Hallelujah! The illegal alien disappears. Congress can do this, now!
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    No, Raoul Lowry-Contreras, no. We do not want to erase illegal aliens by calling them something else, we want them deported in accordance with our laws. We do not want more visa workers to pick the crops for cheap and then sign up for welfare because they don't make enough money. We do not want illegal aliens at ski resorts or anywhere else. We already have visa programs for short term work in agriculture and the tourism industry. More than ample slots for legal foreign workers, where justified, already exist. Rabid employers willing to haul workers in from other countries, need only to go to Chicago and Detroit and other high unemployment cities and haul in their workers from there, yes, American Workers, yes, probably often times, black Americans who needs jobs and opportunities.

    Why would you have a problem with that, Raoul?!!! It's a lot easier to get American workers in the United States to the right place at the right time than foreign workers, and yes absolutely, the employers should pay the expenses for American workers transportation and housing to get there, the same as they do for foreign workers. 14th Amendment, RAOUL!!!

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    We are cutting welfare and food stamps. Those people will HAVE to get a job.

    We need to get foreign citizens OFF our welfare and food stamps and deport them.

    One parent work days, one parent work nights.

    Also, anybody on food stamps and welfare...those offices have to go after the FATHER(S) of those children...make them pay child support through the court. We have millions of people that need to quit breeding, get off the dole and get to WORK.

    Not bring more 3rd world breeders here and put them on social services they do NOT deserve!
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