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    Human nature, immigration, multi-culturalism in post-America

    This is right on. Santa Ana has been gone for decades. Lived there, seen what has happened and you would think you're in a third world country. ... 61220.html

    Human nature, immigration, multi-culturalism in post-American America

    By H. Millard © 2006 -- Posted December 20, 2006



    If you live in Southern California and have been reading the LA TIMES or the OC REGISTER you're aware that Santa Ana, which is perhaps the most illegal alien occupied city as well as the most illegal alien friendly city in the nation (those two things go together), has almost nightly killings on its streets. If you don't live in Southern California, no matter, you probably have similar problems where you live in post-American America so what follows is probably just as relevant to you as to Southern Californians.

    This past Sunday, two 14-year-old kids were shot to death in Santa Ana in a walk-up shooting. Fourteen years old! The police are now saying that the 14-year-olds had gang affiliations. This is as if to say, "See, your own kids are safe. This was just a gang matter. Don't worry about it."

    Well, this is something to worry about. Santa Ana's illegal alien fueled gangs, illegal alien crimes, and other problems are symptomatic of a larger problem that is spreading all across this nation. It is the destruction of America as we know it and the ruination of our quality of life. The American way is being replaced.

    What do the effete European-American libs want to do about illegal alien crime? They want to give our tax money to some midnight basketball type charities that many citizens believe are part of the problem, not part of the solution. And, they want to make our nation even more friendly for illegal aliens.

    Most intelligent citizens realize that this is going in the wrong direction and will just act as a magnet for more problems for the U.S.

    "THE OUTSIDER", H. Millard's novel of alienation in post- American America is available. "OURSELVES ALONE & HOMELESS JACK'S RELIGION", H. Millard's latest novel, is available. "ROAMING THE WASTELANDS", H. Millard's novel, is available.

    But, what about that lie that opened this column about making nice with illegal aliens to drive down crime? It doesn't work and it won't work.

    Here's a quote from an article in the OC REGISTER about the aforementioned shooting of the two 14-year-olds: "As detectives try to figure out who wanted the teenagers dead, they must wade their way through a tight-lipped community snapped shut with fear."

    Forget that part about "snapped shut with fear." That's nonsense. There are plenty of opportunities for people to talk to the police anonymously; and in Santa Ana--the most illegal alien friendly city in the U.S., remember--there is no fear of being deported if you do talk to the cops. In fact, with just a slight tongue in cheek, the cops might invite you home to meet their families and have dinner with them if you're an illegal alien.

    So why aren't people coming forward to help the police find the killer of the two kids? Again, the cops in Santa Ana are the new best friends of illegal aliens and won't turn them over to ICE, so why are the non-citizens silent?

    Haven't the libs been telling us that we'd better be nice to illegal aliens or they won't help drive down crime (that they cause)? Haven't the libs been telling us that our cities would have more crime if we don't wink and nod about the presence of illegal aliens?

    So, how do the libs explain the silence of illegals in Santa Ana and the extremely high crime rate? Could it be the libs are wrong?

    Yup. The libs are dead wrong; which is nothing new for some of these reality deniers. But, the answer to the question about why "immigrants" don't talk to the cops lies in the fact that there is a different culture at work than we are used to in the U.S. Most people in such cultures just don't talk to the cops or most other government officials--even in their own countries.

    It would take too long here to go into all the complex reasons for this and we'd have to peel back layers of false causes to discuss the deeper causes such as anti-European racism that sees most authority figures as part of the European type's perceived innate cultural and social norms (The "You kids get off my lawn," phenomena.) and a fatalism based on religion and other factors, as well as the noblesse oblige racism that often underlies various liberal do-good programs that actually make things worse.

    But here's a tantalizer and a dot to connect up if you can: Santa Ana has a tremendously high rate of pedestrians being hit and killed by cars. Seem unrelated to what we're discussing? Don't be so fast. There's a reason why so many pedestrians are hit and killed by cars as the pedestrians cross the streets in Santa Ana, and it's not usually because the pedestrians are unaware that cars use the streets or because the pedestrians are drunk.

    Furthermore, there's a correlation between the high pedestrian fatality rate in Santa Ana and the fact that people don't talk to the cops and various other things we see in Santa Ana and increasingly all across this nation.

    Libs can't admit it, but human beings aren't fungible. It's not Swedes who are being hit and killed by cars in Santa Ana. In fact, not many Swedes are being hit and killed by cars even in Sweden. Libs try to deny the right of humans to be different and they try to shoehorn all people into a "white" mold. This dehumanizes different peoples and attempts to strip them of their uniqueness. To many libs, with their subconscious minds filled with noblesse oblige racism, all humans are really white people in different skins.

    Take understanding from this, Grasshopper.

    The cops can schmooze with the "immigration" population all they want and they can look the other way when they come into contact with illegal aliens with no identification, no drivers licenses, no auto insurance, and no auto registrations and it's not going to lead to any more tips--except in rare instances--to drive down crime rates in cities with high illegal alien populations than such a sanctuary policy has worked in Santa Ana.

    The way you drive down crime is by making your city intolerant of crime and by removing the habitats and magnets for a criminal element and by deporting illegal aliens.

    Although on the surface this may sound paradoxical, the way to put America back on its path to greatness is to stop denying human nature and by ridding the nation of noblesse oblige racism that denies humans the right to be different, while at the same time ridding ourselves of the madness of so-called multi-culturalism and restoring the dominant cultural norms that made this nation great. To do otherwise, which is what we're doing now, is to make the U.S. into a new Babel, not only in language, but in all other ways as well, and is to plant the seeds of major armed struggles right on the streets of this nation in the very near future.
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    What is it going to take to wake Americans up to the fact we have been invaded and our Country is in dire straits if it doesn't act and act soon?

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