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    Hutchison opposes giving amnesty to illegal aliens

    Hutchison opposes giving amnesty to illegal aliens

    The Lufkin Daily News

    Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, in Lufkin Wednesday to visit with Chamber of Commerce and civic leaders, said she is opposed to any national legislation that offers amnesty to illegal aliens but thinks there is a workable solution to the immigration question now before Congress.

    "We are trying to work on this issue in a constructive way," Hutchison said. "It's important that we secure our borders. We need to have a regularized process for foreign workers to come in legally to fill jobs not filled by Americans. We're trying to be constructive and positive to fix it.

    "The recent proposed legislation that had amnesty included in it was something that I did not support. But we hope to pass a bill that will be positive for Americans."

    Hutchison said now is not the time for America to cut and run from the conflict in Iraq.

    "I'm going to support our troops," she said. "We've got to stay strong just like we were in World War I, World War II and Korea, working so that our country is safe and secure. I support our troops and stand by them for this cause. It's tough, no question about it.

    "I like the phrase said about our nation's flag: 'These colors don't run.' And we're not going to run either. We're going to win. We're going to stabilize Iraq so that those people can be free from Al-Qaeda. These are tough times in Washington, but I am going to continue to do the right thing to protect Americans, Texans and especially East Texans."

    Hutchison also said she continues to fight for more favorable federal highway funding from gasoline tax allocations for Texas.

    "We've seen it come up from 76 cents out of every dollar to 91 1/2 cents, and it will be going to 93 cents," she said. "We keep working it upward. We've been working with an allocation system that has been outmoded and have been fighting to bring federal highway dollars back to Texas, for which I will continue to fight."

    Regarding the possibility of toll highways that are being proposed as the way to fund highways in the future, Hutchison said, "If we do have toll roads, we need to see that it is a fair and open process. People need to have their say on such propositions and not have it forced on them point-blank."

    Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jerry Huffman made a presentation to Hutchison on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in bestowing the Spirit of Enterprise Award to the senator.

    "Kay has really been a true friend of business and industry, as everyone in this room can attest and indeed have shown today with their support," Huffman said. "We are very fortunate to have her working on our behalf."

    Several dozen Hutchison friends and supporters were on hand at the Chamber office Wednesday to greet the senator, including several from Nacogdoches. ... =7&cxcat=9
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    "The recent proposed legislation that had amnesty included in it was something that I did not support. But we hope to pass a bill that will be positive for Americans."
    The recently proposed legislation has amnesty in it. Odd that she chose past tense for this statement. She could be talking about last years 2611 with the way this is worded.

    "Things that make you go Hmmmmmm".

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    Did anyone hear her on the Senate floor? She said when they came back she would introduce two amendments.

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