I.C.E.News Release - October 2012

Date Location Title
10/31/2012 Wichita, KS Kansas corporation admits knowingly hiring illegal alien to run McDonald's franchise
10/31/2012 Denver, CO Indiana man pleads guilty to child exploitation charges in Colorado, will serve 30 years in prison
10/31/2012 Buffalo, NY Canadian police officer pleads guilty to exporting drugs from the US into Canada
10/31/2012 Alexandria, VA Driver for massage parlor pleads guilty to prostitution, money laundering
10/31/2012 San Jose, CA Exporter sentenced to prison for selling sensitive technology to China
10/30/2012 Fort Worth, TX 4 Fort Worth men charged with running a marijuana distribution conspiracy
10/30/2012 Detroit, MI Michigan resident convicted in human trafficking case
10/30/2012 Orlando, FL Army master sergeant sentenced to nearly 4 years for illegally exporting military equipment
10/30/2012 Madison, WI Wisconsin man sentenced to 7 1/2 years for possessing child pornography
10/30/2012 Los Angeles, CA ICE repatriates Guatemalan woman sought for role in slaying of ex-government security advisor images
10/29/2012 Washington, DC Operating status during Hurricane Sandy images
10/29/2012 Tampa, FL Central Florida ICE teams arrest 11 sex offenders, criminal aliens during Operation SOAR images
10/29/2012 San Francisco, CA HSI shuts out counterfeit dealers who hoped for World Series windfall images
10/29/2012 Washington, DC Federal agencies warn against counterfeit decorative contact lenses images
10/26/2012 Washington, DC ICE's top 5 news stories for the week ending Oct. 26, 2012
10/26/2012 Baltimore, MD Maryland drug dealer sentenced to more than 10 years in prison
10/26/2012 Lubbock, TX West Texas man pleads guilty to federal felony cocaine charge
10/25/2012 Seattle, WA ICE deports Mexican murder suspect living in Seattle area
10/25/2012 Los Angeles, CA US Customs officer arrested on federal bribery charges in scheme to avoid taxes on imports coming from China
10/25/2012 Washington, DC 3 HSI Intelligence employees honored with leadership award
10/25/2012 Tacoma, WA Washington man arrested for producing and distributing child pornography
10/25/2012 Houston, TX 3 Chinese nationals arrested for alien harboring and unlawful employment
10/25/2012 Norfolk, VA Man sentenced to 20 years in prison for receiving child pornography
10/25/2012 Denver, CO Colorado Springs man sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for distributing child pornography
10/25/2012 Corpus Christi, TX 3 south Texas men convicted of marijuana trafficking
10/25/2012 Oakland, CA Former Postal Service manager sentenced to more than 4 years on fraud and corruption charges
10/25/2012 Alexandria, VA Former massage parlor owner pleads guilty to prostitution, money laundering
10/25/2012 Beckley, WV West Virginia man pleads guilty to possession of child pornography
10/25/2012 El Paso, TX ICE returns stolen and looted archeological art and antiquities to Mexico images
10/24/2012 San Juan, PR Former manager of volleyball team sentenced to 17 years in prison for child pornography
10/24/2012 New York, NY HSI seizes additional stolen statues linked to Manhattan art dealer
10/24/2012 Springfield, MO South Texas man sentenced to 24 years in prison for sexually assaulting children
10/24/2012 Seattle, WA Failed 'Millennium Bomber' sentenced to 37 years in prison
10/24/2012 San Antonio, TX Taiwanese woman sentenced to 2 years in federal prison for illegally exporting military-sensitive items to Iran
10/24/2012 Minneapolis, MN Federal Minneapolis jury finds man guilty of sex trafficking a minor, and various child pornography and prostitution-related charges
10/24/2012 Tampa, FL TOP STORY: HSI Cocoa Beach participates in child predator operation that nets 23 arrests images
10/24/2012 Seattle, WA 33 arrested, 28 guns seized in federally-led gang crackdown images
10/24/2012 New Orleans, LA HSI seizes nearly 800 counterfeit sports team hats, jerseys images
10/23/2012 New York, NY New York man pleads guilty for violating TSA's Transportation Worker Identification Credential security program
10/23/2012 Atlanta, GA Companies, CEOs indicted in school supply scam
10/23/2012 Albuquerque, NM Retired New Mexico teacher pleads guilty to federal child pornography charge
10/23/2012 Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles-area man sentenced for trafficking thousands of DVDs with counterfeit Dolby trademarks
10/22/2012 Fayetteville, AR HSI dismantles multi-state drug, money laundering operation
10/22/2012 Charlotte, NC North Carolina man pleads guilty to trafficking counterfeit airbags
10/19/2012 Washington, DC ICE's top 5 news stories for the week ending Oct. 19, 2012
10/19/2012 Newark, NJ New Jersey man charged with impersonating federal officer
10/19/2012 Asuncion, Paraguay, International Paraguayan authorities, working with HSI, seize more than $34 million in counterfeit goods
10/19/2012 Tampa, FL 2 leaders of a drug trafficking and money laundering organization each sentenced to more than 20 years in prison
10/19/2012 Seattle, WA Transnational drug ring leader sentenced to 15 years in prison
10/19/2012 Seattle, WA Washington cocaine trafficker sentenced to 10 years in prison
10/19/2012 Lexington, KY TOP STORY: HSI special agent, LMP detective sergeant commissioned as 'Kentucky Colonels' images
10/19/2012 El Paso, TX HSI special agents arrest owner of El Paso massage parlor for allegedly recruiting prostitutes images
10/18/2012 Tampa, FL Tampa man sentenced for exporting millions of dollars of computer equipment to Iran
10/18/2012 Boston, MA Owners of massage parlors in Massachusetts arrested in connection with human trafficking, prostitution
10/18/2012 Helena, MT North Carolina man sentenced in Montana federal court to 15 years for sexually exploiting children
10/18/2012 Indianapolis, IN Indiana man charged with distributing child pornography
10/18/2012 Tampa, FL Registered sex offender charged with child pornography offenses
10/17/2012 Washington, DC Notice to US citizens: Your actions abroad may have serious consequences
10/17/2012 New York, NY Life sentence for former American Airlines employee who led drug enterprise
10/17/2012 San Juan, PR HSI, USMS nab 2 fugitives wanted for weapons violations, drug trafficking
10/17/2012 Dallas, TX Another co-defendant in cocaine distribution conspiracy case involving former NFL player Sam Hurd pleads guilty
10/17/2012 Corpus Christi, TX 16 indicted in Houston-area drug, alien smuggling organization
10/17/2012 Orlando, FL Romanian woman sentenced to 33 months in federal prison for committing wire fraud
10/17/2012 Windhoek, Namibia, International HSI represents US government at Africa legal conference images
10/17/2012 New York, NY HSI arrests Florida man for illegally importing dinosaur fossils images
10/16/2012 Kansas City, MO Missouri man pleads guilty to producing child pornography, faces at least 15 years in prison
10/16/2012 Los Angeles, CA Lakewood man sentenced to more than 3 years for trafficking counterfeit computer software images
10/16/2012 Washington, DC Man pleads guilty to running an illegal gambling operation
10/16/2012 Phoenix, AZ Gourmet brownie business becomes 'IMAGE certified' images
10/16/2012 Chicago, IL ICE deports Polish fugitive wanted for extortion, kidnapping, attempted murder images
10/16/2012 San Diego, CA HSI-led probe dismantles gang-run drug ring and nets record gun seizure images
10/15/2012 Phoenix, AZ 2 Guatemalan men convicted of human smuggling, hostage-taking charges
10/15/2012 Fresno, CA 2 Fresno-area men sentenced on federal child pornography charges
10/15/2012 Boise, ID Idaho man pleads guilty to marriage fraud
10/15/2012 Alexandria, VA Man pleads guilty to transporting more than 100 women for interstate prostitution ring
10/15/2012 Detroit, MI HSI arrests 2 in Metro Detroit counterfeit air bag probe images
10/12/2012 Indianapolis, IN Indiana man indicted on charges of producing child pornography
10/12/2012 Washington, DC ICE's top 5 news stories for the week ending Oct. 12, 2012
10/12/2012 Baltimore, MD Maryland man sentenced to 3 years in prison for child pornography possession
10/12/2012 Gainesville, GA Georgia drug smugglers sentenced in vegetable truck scheme
10/12/2012 Washington, DC Department of Justice/HSI executes restraint against additional $4 million in assets of former Nigerian governor
10/12/2012 Los Angeles, CA New Zealand physician sentenced for trafficking in counterfeit erectile dysfunction drugs
10/12/2012 Ft Worth, TX North Texas man sentenced to 8 years for possessing child pornography
10/11/2012 Detroit, MI ICE nabs illegal alien wanted for rape in Oakland County
10/11/2012 Philadelphia, PA Pennsylvania man pleads guilty in child exploitation case
10/11/2012 Wilmington, DE Canadian man pleads guilty to enticement of 14-year-old girl he met online
10/11/2012 San Juan, PR Puerto Rican woman indicted for sex trafficking
10/11/2012 Las Cruces, NM 4 more sentenced in Columbus, NM, firearms trafficking case
10/11/2012 Corpus Christi, TX 2 south Texas men sentenced to prison for cocaine trafficking
10/11/2012 McAllen, TX South Texas man sentenced to 6 years for having sex with a minor in Mexico
10/11/2012 Orlando, FL 3 individuals charged with trafficking in counterfeit goods
10/11/2012 Boston, MA Rwandan national sentenced to 21 months for immigration fraud
10/11/2012 Washington, DC Treasury/HSI sanctions Latin American criminal organization images
10/11/2012 Johannesburg, International South African and US officials announce 15 year prison sentence of former Peace Corps volunteer images
10/11/2012 San Juan, PR HSI, Caribbean Border Interagency Group seize 735 kilograms of cocaine, arrest 2 images
10/11/2012 San Salvador, International ICE deports 2 high-profile Salvadoran fugitives captured in northern California images
10/10/2012 Columbus, OH Former home health care aide sentenced to 30 years for child exploitation
10/10/2012 Detroit, MI ICE deports Macedonian man wanted for armed robbery conviction
10/10/2012 Washington, DC NHTSA, ICE alert consumers to dangers of counterfeit air bags
10/10/2012 Brownsville, TX Gulf Cartel figure in south Texas and 5 associates sentenced for bribery
10/10/2012 Washington, DC TOP STORY: Royal Bahamas Police Force turns to HSI gang unit for guidance
10/10/2012 Seattle, WA South Korean sentenced to more than 3 years for copyright infringement
10/9/2012 Seattle, WA Wash. man caught in HSI child pornography investigation gets 100 months
10/9/2012 New Haven, CT 2 British nationals extradited from the United Kingdom, face terrorism-related charges
10/9/2012 Los Angeles, CA Boston-bound man arrested at LAX for transporting hazardous materials
10/9/2012 Baltimore, MD Maryland man sentenced to 8 years in prison for child pornography possession
10/9/2012 Washington, DC ICE and major meat processing company partner to protect nation's lawful workforce
10/5/2012 Washington, DC ICE's top 5 news stories for the week ending Oct. 5, 2012
10/5/2012 Detroit, MI Georgia man arrested after traveling to Detroit for sex with a minor
10/5/2012 Urbana, IL 3 Illinois residents indicted on child pornography charges
10/5/2012 Washington, DC TOP STORY: New TV series takes viewers behind the scenes with HSI special agents at JFK
10/5/2012 San Juan, PR Operation Lighthouse nets 44 arrests for drug trafficking and money laundering images
10/5/2012 Charlottesville, VA ICE deports Mexican murder suspect captured in Charlottesville
10/5/2012 Newark, NJ Longshoreman sentenced to 180 months for conspiracy to distribute cocaine
10/4/2012 Detroit, MI Michigan man sentenced to 57 months for role in Ponzi scheme
10/4/2012 Newark, NJ Peruvian man sentenced for attempting to import cocaine through Newark Liberty International Airport
10/4/2012 Washington, DC HSI seizes 686 websites selling counterfeit medicine to unsuspecting consumers
10/4/2012 San Diego, CA High-ranking Sinaloa drug cartel member indicted in tunnel probe
10/4/2012 Houston, TX US seeks death penalty in Houston human smuggling case
10/3/2012 Philadelphia, PA Pennsylvania man, store owner, sentenced to 44 months in prison for trafficking in counterfeit goods
10/3/2012 Panama City, FL Northwest Florida man sentenced to 15 years for marijuana trafficking
10/3/2012 Ft Myers, FL Southwest Florida man sentenced to 7 years for possessing child pornography
10/3/2012 Newark, NJ New Jersey man indicted for distributing videos of child sexual abuse over the Internet
10/3/2012 Chicago, IL 9 Chicago-area residents face federal weapons, drug charges
10/2/2012 Houston, TX ICE deports man wanted for murder, organized crime, extortion in El Salvador
10/2/2012 Tucson, AZ Southern Arizona man sentenced to 10 years on child pornography charges
10/2/2012 Baltimore, MD Baltimore cocaine trafficker sentenced to 15 years in prison
10/2/2012 El Paso, TX United States and Mexico begin Interior Repatriation Initiative
10/2/2012 Philadelphia, PA International drug smuggling conspiracy at Philadelphia International Airport stopped by HSI special agents, airline employee conspirator sentenced
10/1/2012 Helena, MT Billings, Mont., woman sentenced following guilty plea for distributing methamphetamine
10/1/2012 San Diego, CA Florida man charged with selling $7 million of unapproved oncology drugs through San Diego pharmacy