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    IDIOCY: ICE Princess Praises Illegal Alien Employers!

    IDIOCY: ICE Princess Praises Illegal Alien Employers; Abu Moskowitz Checks In

    By Debbie Schlussel

    Hmmm . . . interesting that every time there is an election, a Bush speech, or immigration "reform" legislation granting amnesty is about to be voted on in Congress, there is a rare, well-timed raid on illegal alien employers by agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). And some arrests are even made.

    I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Right?

    Yesterday's raids on Nevada-based Rosenbaum-Cunningham International, Inc. a/k/a RCI--a cleaning and maintenance service company--is nice. So are the arrests of its three top executives. But it's only a tiny drop in the bucket. These arrests should be happening every single day. They aren't.

    Then, there's the lunacy of completely clueless resident ICE Airhead-in-Chief Julie L. Myers a/k/a "The ICE Princess." She praised Michigan's Grand Traverse Resort & Spa, saying because it cooperated with ICE after knowingly employing 100 obviously illegal alien workers as janitors and landscapers.

    PUH-LEEZE. It's well known and has been for years to anyone and everyone in Michigan that Grand Traverse, Mackinac Island's Grand Hotel, and many other hotels and resorts in Northern Michigan and elsewhere around the state employ maids, janitors, landscapers, and others that quite clearly don't belong here. They don't speak English and all the other signs are there. A very, very few are here legally. Most aren't. And, just like Wal-Mart did, these resorts and hotels employ less expensive third-party agencies like RCI to get them workers they well know are here illegally.

    The only apparent reason Grand Traverse Resort & Spa--near Traverse City, Michigan--cooperated is because it had no choice. To praise the place because it did so--after knowingly contracting for these illegal aliens--is just idiocy.

    And no-one ever said Julie Myers was immune from that. Anything but. And that's the problem. She simply doesn't belong there and should have been out long ago. If she had any honor, she'd resign (and would have never taken the job in the first place).

    Robert Birach, a prominent attorney for illegal aliens fighting deportation, has openly said all over Michigan media that he knows these hotels and resorts in Northern Michigan employ illegal aliens. Why doesn't she know it? And why is she openly praising these resorts who get around the law by feigning ignorance? Re-read above paragraph for the answer.

    Then there's The ICE Princess' Special Agent in Charge for Michigan and Ohio, Brian Moskowitz a/k/a "Abu Moskowitz." He's w****** himself out for all the media attention he can get on this (see here also for video--the first guy is incorrectly labeled as Abu M, but he isn't; he's the shorter guy who says "the idea that we could prosecute or investigate everyone is impossible") because his agents investigated the aliens working at Grand Traverse Resort & Spa. But, like I said, everyone here knows that most resorts and hotels up north employ illegal aliens. So where have he and his agents been for the last three years? And why are they letting Grand Traverse off the hook? And what about all the other hotels and resorts?

    Don't hold your breath for him to do anything more. He simply doesn't care about enforcing immigration law--even though many of his subordinate agents do--because his sole purpose in life is to advance the career and associated emoluments of Abu Moskowitz. Period. End of Story.

    And that's why we'll never beat the illegal immigration problem. People like The ICE Princess and Abu Moskowitz are running the show. And people like President Bush and ICE Director of Investigations, Marcy "Black A**" Forman-Friedman a/k/a "Peppermint Patty," put them there.

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    Can someone enlighten me on how this Ice princess got her job?

    We should vote for important positions like this!! Just my opinion!!

    I hate appointees!!!
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    I believe she's somebody's niece or something like that. A bush appointee?
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    Here's an article on her. Of course she has connections!
    ~~~~~~~~~ ... 01930.html

    Immigration Nominee's Credentials Questioned

    By Dan Eggen and Spencer S. Hsu
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Tuesday, September 20, 2005; A01

    The Bush administration is seeking to appoint a lawyer with little immigration or customs experience to head the troubled law enforcement agency that handles those issues, prompting sharp criticism from some employee groups, immigration advocates and homeland security experts.

    The push to appoint Julie Myers to head the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, part of the Department of Homeland Security, comes in the midst of intense debate over the qualifications of department political appointees involved in the sluggish response to Hurricane Katrina.

    Concerns over Myers, 36, were acute enough at a Senate hearing last week that lawmakers asked the nominee to detail during her testimony her postings and to account for her management experience. Sen. George V. Voinovich (R-Ohio) went so far as to tell Myers that her résumé indicates she is not qualified for the job.

    But Voinovich has since met with Myers and is now likely to support her, his spokeswoman said yesterday. Myers, who has attracted strong support from many former colleagues, told senators that she would draw upon the experiences of ICE veterans in running the agency.

    "I realize that I'm not 80 years old," Myers testified. "I have a few gray hairs, more coming, but I will seek to work with those who are knowledgeable in this area, who know more than I do."

    After working as a federal prosecutor in Brooklyn, N.Y., for two years, Myers held a variety of jobs over the past four years at the White House and at the departments of Commerce, Justice and Treasury, though none involved managing a large bureaucracy. Myers worked briefly as chief of staff to Michael Chertoff when he led the Justice Department's criminal division before he became Homeland Security secretary.

    Myers also was an associate under independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr for about 16 months and has most recently served as a special assistant to President Bush handling personnel issues.

    Her uncle is Air Force Gen. Richard B. Myers, the departing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. She married Chertoff's current chief of staff, John F. Wood, on Saturday.

    In written answers to questions from Congress, Myers highlighted her year-long job as assistant secretary for export enforcement at Commerce, where she said she supervised 170 employees and a $25 million budget. ICE has more than 20,000 employees and a budget of approximately $4 billion. Its personnel investigate immigrant, drug and weapon smuggling, and illegal exports, among other responsibilities.

    Myers was on her honeymoon and was not available to comment yesterday. Erin Healy, a White House spokeswoman, cited Myers's work with customs agents on money-laundering and drug-smuggling cases. "She's well-known and respected throughout the law enforcement community," Healy said. "She has a proven track record as an effective manager."

    ICE was created from remnants of the former immigration and customs services. It is widely viewed as one of the most troubled parts of the sprawling Department of Homeland Security.

    Homeland Security political appointees have come under scrutiny since Michael D. Brown resigned under fire this month as head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which he joined with no experience in disaster preparedness. Several other senior FEMA officials were Bush supporters who did not have crisis-management credentials.

    Unlike most political appointments, the head of ICE is required by statute to have at least five years of experience in both law enforcement and management.

    Many immigration advocates, ICE employee representatives and homeland security experts said they were troubled by the nomination of Myers to take over an agency with so many problems.

    "It appears she's got a tremendous amount of experience in money laundering, in banking and the financial areas," said Charles Showalter, president of the National Homeland Security Council, a union that represents 7,800 ICE agents, officers and support staff. "My question is: Who the hell is going to enforce the immigration laws?"

    I. Michael Greenberger, a former Clinton administration official who heads the Center for Health and Homeland Security at the University of Maryland, said the Myers appointment represents "pre-Katrina thinking, where political relationships were a very large factor."

    "Post-Katrina, we now see that people need to be eminently qualified," Greenberger said.

    But Jim Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, which represents several thousand ICE employees, lauded Myers's government experience.

    "That organization . . . is on some days almost dysfunctional," Pasco said. "I think Julie may be just the person to pull people and functions together to get them working right for a change."

    During a hearing Thursday of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Chairman Susan Collins (R-Maine) and ranking Democrat Joseph I. Lieberman (Conn.) quizzed Myers on whether her positions over the past five years qualified her for the job.

    The most pointed questioning came from Voinovich, who said during the hearing that he wanted to meet with Chertoff to discuss Myers's qualifications. "I'd really like to have him spend some time with us, telling us personally why he thinks you're qualified for the job, because based on the résumé, I don't think you are," Voinovich said.

    But Marcie Ridgway, Voinovich's communications director, said yesterday that the Ohio senator had resolved his concerns by talking privately with both Chertoff and Myers. Ridgway said Voinovich was not available to speak directly about the issue.
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    Thanks Jean!

    I now know they don't want illegal immigration violations investigated on a grand scale. We need a BARACUDA not someone who is so green to immigration she's can be led around by the globalists!!

    God help this nation!
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