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    Illegal Aliens’ Amnesty: Greatest Danger

    since America's Civil War!!

    Illegal Aliens’ Amnesty: Greatest Danger
    Since America’s Civil War!

    (Setauket NY 1 May 06) If ever Americans needed to rally around a cause; it is to stop the rush to give amnesty to the estimated 11-12 million illegal aliens who have invaded our country!

    If amnesty is granted the 11-12 million is expected, within a short period of time, to grow to 30 million. Imagine. If they are brazenly protesting while illegal in our country—what might they do if granted amnesty? Americans should consider the dangers that follow:

    1. They would probably “Vote as a block” for issues they want. Thus having more power than the number alone.
    2. Sickness and diseases they bring into our country.
    3. Unknown number of foreign criminal and terrorist among them being granted citizenship in the USA.
    4. “TREMENDOUS” health, safety and financial burden in our schools, hospitals and welfare system.
    5. We are in a period of prosperity now but image the ramifications if a recession falls upon us and jobs are scarce?
    6. So VERY, VERY MUCH MORE HARM to our country and people!!!!

    Politicians granting amnesty to illegal aliens
    supersedes any danger since America’s Civil War!

    Mr. Joseph Werner of Setauket, NY, writer of this article, has uniquely operated for the past “30+” years at the local, national and international levels to help right wrongs and praise good to inspire good. His lone, self-financed, catalytic campaigns include his help in having an illegal alien aide law repealed that was passed by the Suffolk County New York Legislature majority December 23rd, 1985 (two days before Christmas). – Contact: or
    "Ask not what your country can do for you --ask what you can do for your country" John F. Kennedy

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    Good find, Nadys and very sobering situation to consider. If only the policitians would consider these dangerous ramifications of am-nasty.

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    they probably would all vote the same they are obviously followers and will do whatever they are told. They are unable to think for themselves.

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