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    Illegal Aliens Continue To Pour Across Southern Border Unaba

    Illegal Aliens Continue To Pour Across Southern Border Unabated
    By Digger

    While the government would have you believe that illegal aliens are leaving the United States and that illegal immigration has slowed (they'll point to the fact that they say apprehensions are down), your eyes will tell you a different story. Over at Border Invasion Pics you can see video and time lapse photo captures as illegal aliens continue to stream across our borders day after day, night after night. Nobody is stopping them.

    Not only are illegal aliens streaming into the United States in great numbers, but as I wrote back in December, illegal aliens are NOT leaving the United States either.

    Jan 17, 2009
    Jan 20, 2009

    Jan 28, 2009
    Jan 30, 2009

    Jan 18, 2009

    The level of illegal immigration into the United States remains the same, if not greater, in my opinion. Maybe if the Border Patrol was arresting the illegal aliens that are shown in the above pictures their apprehension numbers would be back where they were. Unfortunately the Border Patrol has been hamstrung and in some cases I believe deliberately deployed to areas where there is now little illegal alien traffic. All so that the numbers reported are down.

    I'm not much for believing conspiracy theories, but when you see the constant streams like those in the videos above of illegal after illegal, night after night just streaming across like there's a broken dam, you can be sure that it is being purposely allowed. There isn't a broken dam, because there wasn't a dam there to begin with - in the form of a fence.

    All photos courtesy of Border Invasion Pics

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    Need link, please.
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