Illegal Aliens From Venezuela Loot Chicago-Area Macy’s Store

By David Greyson
Dec. 3, 2023 5:40 pm

Johan Gavidia-Rojas, 18, Edys Alberto Herrera-Gotopo, 20,

Two illegal aliens from Venezuela who were living in Chicago were arrested on Friday for allegedly stealing merchandise from a Macy’s in Oakbrook, Illinois.

Illegal aliens stealing from this location of Macy’s has been an ongoing problem this Christmas season according to authorities.
The two suspects have been identified as “Edys Alberto Herrera-Gotopo, 20, and Johan Gavidia-Rojas, 18,” according to Fox News.

Each of the illegals took turns putting items in a bag while the other suspect was on the look out. Herrera-Gotopo was immediately apprehended while Gavidia-Rojas was captured after a short foot chase.

The illegals stole hundreds of dollars worth of items.

Fox News reported:

Two more Venezuelan migrants staying in
Chicago were arrested Friday after allegedly stealing hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from a suburban Macy’s that has been an ongoing target of retail theft by migrants this holiday season, authorities said.

Edys Alberto Herrera-Gotopo, 20, and Johan Gavidia-Rojas, 18, entered the store together in
Oak Brook, Illinois, shortly after 7 p.m. and were each carrying empty bags, the DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office said.

The two men worked together, with one grabbing items of clothing and stuffing them into a bag while the other acted as a lookout before the duo switched roles, according to prosecutors.

The two illegals were both charged with retail theft which is a felony. The judge released them pending trial which is not surprising considering Chicago is a blue city.

Oakbrook Macy’s has had an ongoing theft issue for some time. Fox News reported in late November of a retail theft ring where a couple involved children stealing from that location.

Fox News reported:

A couple from Chicago “forced” four children to help them steal nearly $1,000 in merchandise from a suburban Macy’s store that has been an ongoing target of retail theft this holiday season, authorities said Wednesday.

Illegal aliens from Venezuela flooded into the US on Joe Biden’s open border invitation.

According to the House Committee on Homeland Security, the massive cost to house and take care of illegal aliens and so-called asylum seekers inside the US
is $451 billion.

The Gateway Pundit reported in September that a massive number of military-aged men from Venezuela arrived at the southern border by train in
Eagle Pass, Texas.

Video posted to social media shows a huge line of illegals walking together. They were asked in Spanish where they were from and they replied, “Venezuela.”


Bill Melugin

BREAKING: Mass illegal crossing of well over 1,000 migrants into Eagle Pass, TX taking place right now, w/ many of them telling me they are from Venezuela. Others telling my producer @AlexandriaHrndz they just arrived on a train in MX. Many still in water crossing. MASSIVE group.

10:32 AM · Sep 20, 2023