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Rep. says illegal immigration slowing on fears of rape, robbery by Guard
06/27/2006 @ 11:26 am
Filed by RAW STORY

A Congressman took to the House floor yesterday insisting that illegal border crossings from Mexico have slowed due to fear of rape, robbery and beatings at the hands of U.S. National Guardsmen, RAW STORY has learned.

Representative Ted Poe (R-TX) began his one-minute statement by characterizing the US-Mexican border as a war zone. "Mister Speaker," he began, "news from the front: The border war continues. Generalissimo Fox and the Mexican media have taken a setback in the illegal invasion of the United States."

The deployment of the US national Guard to the Mexican border, according to Poe's statements to the House, was actually little more than "a publicity stunt to appease Americans."

Still, the Congressman believes that it is responsible for a drop in crossings over a ten day period.

In the Texas lawmaker's estimation, Mexicans hoping to enter the US have slowed their crossing out of fear of being brutalized by the National Guard, which they see as similar to "that Mexican military machine that is on the southern Mexican border--that reportedly rapes, robs and beats Hondurans and Guatemalans that are just trying to do jobs that Mexicans won't do." Honduras does not actually share a border with Mexico, but does lie southeast of Guatemala.

"Just think," concluded Poe, "what would happen if we used more Guardsmen on the border front."

Poe blamed this "setback" for potential illegal immigrants on propaganda from the Mexican media, which he claims has "exaggerated the truth," about US Guardsmen, "taking a page from the New York Times and their hatred for the U.S. military." Poe had, just seconds earlier, characterized the Mexican media as part of the "invasion".