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    Illegals put back on US streets after release from prison!

    June 15, 2005 10:09 PM EDT
    BOSTON - Nearly 200 illegal immigrants who were ordered deported for committing crimes were arrested during a six-day undercover sweep across New England, federal authorities said.

    Dozens of federal, state and local law-enforcement officers began a search Friday for the roughly 200 people targeted in the sweep; by Wednesday afternoon, they had arrested at least 187 illegal immigrants.

    Authorities planned a Thursday news conference to discuss the operation, believed to be the largest of its kind staged by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement regional field office, said Bruce Chadbourne, ICE's New England field director.

    Those arrested had served time in prison or jail for a wide range of crimes, including attempted murder, rape, child molestation and arson, authorities said.

    Many illegal immigrants aren't immediately deported after serving time because local officials fail to notify federal authorities of the convicts' release.

    "Some of them have gone through the criminal justice process, and we were not even aware of it," Chadbourne said. "(State prison officials) are not experts in immigration law. That's where we come in."

    Last year, ICE arrested 10,982 of an estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants considered fugitives after they were ordered deported, according to Chadbourne.

    The number of arrests could rise sharply this year: Homeland Security officials recently announced plans to increase the number of ICE fugitive apprehension teams from 18 to 38 within the next two months, he said. Each team consists of roughly seven agents.

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    I wonder if Bush will call these jobs Americans won't do? If so lets declare them as nearly 200 unemployed illegal aliens. Tighten up the border security so the filth won't come back across when they are deported. I know it's wishful thinking under the current administration.

    I'm surprised there is no mention of the ACLU declaring these as unfair arrests and apprehensions by ICE. I thought there were no limits to the foolishness of the ACLU when it came to illegal immigration. They must be lurking around somewhere in the background.
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    200 down.. only 11 million to go.

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