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    Illiegal Immigration Costs NY More Than $5 Billion a Year ... 273&EDATE=

    Illegal Immigration Costs New Yorkers More Than $5 Billion a Year Finds New Study by FAIR

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- While local politicians, like New
    York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, go out of their way to shield illegal
    aliens, the Empire State's taxpayers are stuck with a $5.1 billion a year
    bill, finds a new study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform
    (FAIR). The $5.1 billion annual price tag associated with illegal
    immigration, according to the report, The Costs of Illegal Immigration to
    New Yorkers, covers the costs of only three basic state-provided services:
    K-12 education, publicly funded health care, and incarceration of illegal
    aliens who have committed other crimes after settling in New York. In 2005,
    some 645,000 illegal aliens were estimated to live in New York.
    Education represents the largest single component of New York's illegal
    alien fiscal liability -- about $4.3 billion a year. Statewide, FAIR
    estimates about 120,000 children are in the country illegally and an
    additional 225,000 are children born here to illegal aliens. Combined,
    these students represent 11.7 percent of public school kids. Publicly
    funded health care for illegal aliens costs the state about $690 million a
    year, while illegal aliens in state prisons drain another $165 million from
    state coffers. The typical native-headed household in New York pays an
    estimated $874 a year in taxes to cover the costs of just these three
    programs, concludes the report.
    "These latest estimates of the costs of illegal immigration tell a lot
    about what is happening in the state and indicate what lies in store for
    the country as a whole if this nation does not get serious about
    controlling illegal immigration," said Dan Stein, president of FAIR. "The
    New York City area has been steadily losing its middle class for decades,
    as high costs, high taxes, failing schools and other factors have forced
    middle income families to move elsewhere. At the same time, economic
    development throughout the rest of the state has been hampered because
    resources are siphoned off to support a growing dependent population
    downstate. These phenomena have been happening for decades, but as illegal
    immigration to the state has exploded, so too have the crippling costs."
    The Costs of Illegal Immigration to New Yorkers follows up on a study
    conducted by the Urban Institute in 1994, which limited its analysis to the
    same three state funded program areas. That study did not include the cost
    of educating the children born in this country to illegal aliens, but, if
    it had, the estimated costs would have been about $1.9 billion a year.
    FAIR's 2005 estimate of $5.1 billion means that the costs of illegal
    immigration have more than doubled in just 11 years.
    "Illegal immigration in New York, and the costs associated with it, are
    spiraling out of control, creating a fiscal black hole that is swallowing
    up the state's resources," said Stein. "New York, like a lot of other
    states, is struggling with failing and overcrowded schools, a collapsing
    public health care system, crumbling infrastructure and other serious
    problems. At the same time, illegal immigration is taking a greater and
    greater bite out of the state's budget every year.
    "Unfortunately, for the most part, the state's leadership has responded
    to the fiscally devastating influx of illegal immigrants by pandering to
    the special interests that benefit from illegal immigration at the expense
    of law- abiding, hard-working taxpayers," Stein concluded.
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    Wow . . . its just mindboggling how people can be pro-illegal. As someone who has been to NY its not exactly a safe.great place to live IMO. The cost of living is astronomical, its dirty, crowded and unsafe compared to many other major cities (even Chicago). I could never imagine how anyone (other than natives) could like living there.

    Why aren't the people of NY screaming about the multibillion dollar politically blessed sanctuary status ?

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    Preachingtothechoir wrote:

    Why aren't the people of NY screaming about the multibillion dollar politically blessed sanctuary status ?
    Perhaps they believe Mayor Bloomberg when he says NYC would collapse without the "cheap labor" of illegal immigrants.

    Now, let's see what Mayor Bloomberg has to say about the FAIR study.

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    Now, let's see what Mayor Bloomberg has to say about the FAIR study
    I can imagine it will be something along the lines of "Fear mongering and discriminatory"
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