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    Immigrant Amnesty: An Analysis of the US Chamber of Commerce ... erce-plan/

    This an update to The Commerce Plan for Immigration Reform.

    U.S. Chamber of Commerce leaders are among those singing President Bush’s tune on immigrant amnesty. They propose an immigration reform plan propped up by four pillars.

    One pillar proposes to increase border security, which echoes the twice-failed bill being debated in Washington. They want illegal alien workers as well as carefully screened immigrants permitted to work and reside in America. This will allow law enforcement to focus their resources on criminals and terrorists. Most Americans have agreed on securing the borders for many years, even after Congress opened them to all aliens whether criminal or not. Since 9/11 and 12 million aliens later, Congress once again claims they will secure America’s borders.

    An additional point about border security must be made. Secure borders means more than keeping out terrorists. In a recent Arizona Daily Star article, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano were complaining to Washington about increased drug related violence along their states’ borders. Texas is another border state also troubled by drug dealers, gangs, and violence. The Washington Times ran an article a few month ago emphasizing the seriousness of the large number of weapons, explosives, and drugs being smuggled across the border. Civilians are not the only ones being killed by drug dealers and gangs so are border police and National Guard patrols.

    Since the loud complaints by political leaders from the border states, Congress has revamped the two failed Comprehensive Immigration Reform bills allocating more money and resources for border security. However, border security is not the only problem created by 12 million illegal aliens.

    Beyond securing American borders, securing citizens from those aliens who steal, kill, and commit other crimes is another issue lawmakers and alien sympathizers are silent about. According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) estimates, they number about 597,000. There is no doubt many illegal aliens are descent men and women only seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Yet, no matter how many their numbers, the problem of the many un-prosecuted criminals still remains.

    Pillar two of the US Chamber’s proposed plan is so important I quote it in its entirety:

    “Second, we need a carefully monitored essential worker program to prepare for our nation’s future labor demand in a way that is smart and fair. Over the next 10 years, the greatest job growth will occur in occupations that require little or no formal education and training. With unemployment at a near-record low and 77 million baby boomers nearing retirement, who will fill essential jobs that are vital to our economy?

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    WE need to do away with the US Chamber of Commerce. It is not for the US but needs to renamed what they are the World Chamber of commerce.

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