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    Immigrant who injured deputy shows system’s flaws ... _shows_sy/

    Immigrant who injured deputy shows system’s flaws
    By Brent Batten

    Thursday, December 7, 2006

    If you want to know why Americans are fed up with the country’s immigration system, look no further than the intersection of U.S. 41 East and Collier Boulevard.

    That’s where Jesus Moreno, a legal immigrant with a history of breaking the law, hit and seriously injured Collier County sheriff’s deputy Bill Pschigoda.

    Moreno has permanent legal status, which, in light of his extensive contact with police over the past six years, leads one to ask, “What do you have to do to become illegal and unpermanent?”

    Moreno’s record goes back to at least 2000 and includes offenses that, if considered individually, might not warrant a ticket home to Mexico. But taken as a whole it presents clear evidence that this individual had no intention of abiding by the rules of his host country.

    According to court records, Moreno has been arrested at least five times on charges of driving without a valid license. In June 2004, he was arrested for retail theft and later that year was charged with possession of cocaine.

    On each occasion he was booked into the county jail. Each time, his name was entered into a databank maintained by what is now U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. Each time ICE declined to put a hold on him for deportation. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Kristen Adams said generally speaking it requires a felony conviction to spur deportation proceedings.

    In April of this year, Moreno got into an argument with his six months pregnant ex-girlfriend as he attempted to retrieve tools from her mother’s car. He threw something at her head, causing a cut that required stitches. He was charged with aggravated battery against a pregnant woman. The charge was reduced to felony battery, a lesser felony but a felony nonetheless.

    He was sentenced Oct. 4 to three years’ probation by Circuit Judge Frank Baker. Part of Baker’s sentence included a provision that Moreno could be deported if not a U.S. citizen. He’s not but he wasn’t. ICE declined to put a hold on Moreno and once more, he was free to go.

    So on Tuesday, two full months after his felony sentence was handed down, he was free to go recklessly along Collier Boulevard, where he again drew the attention of sheriff’s deputies. He was free to go through red lights as officers chased him. He was free to go off the road near the intersection of Collier and U.S. 41, where he hit Pschigoda. He was free to go farther into East Naples where he hit another vehicle before being rammed by a sheriff’s deputy in an SUV.

    The immigration system is clearly broken. Broken not just in that it fails to secure our borders, but also in that it refuses to deal seriously with documented immigrants who break our laws. Voter dissatisfaction with the handling of immigration had as much to do with the Republicans’ ouster from power as did any lurid e-mail Mark Foley ever sent.

    It is beyond question that the vast majority of immigrants, those here legally and otherwise, are mainly involved in earning a living and making a better life for themselves and their families.

    But the government’s abject failure at dealing with those who demonstrably aren’t, such as Moreno, is a compelling indictment and call for reform. Democrats in Congress, it’s your turn.

    In an irony that will be of no comfort to Pschigoda, his family, his colleagues or the community, ICE placed a hold on Moreno after his Tuesday arrest, this time on a charge of attempted murder.

    - - -

    E-mail Brent Batten at

    © 2006 Naples Daily News and NDN Productions. Published in Naples, Florida, USA by the E.W. Scripps Co.
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    We are getting a bunch like that. And it does seem increasingly that they are lowering how severe the crime is. Lets say they steal a car. It can be anything from grand theft auto to simple "joy riding". Alot aren't even taken into custody for things that I for sure would be. I mean they are driving drunk, beating their wives and nothing is happening. On another site there was a young guy flaunting the issue that they can say and do almost anything to taunt and insight violence and if anyone touches them , even in self defense they are pressing to sue for 1/2 of everything you own. At one time I would have laughed it off as macho big talk.......anymore I'm not so sure. Makes you want to be sure to never go out alone!
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