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    Immigration reform timetable gives Latino pause

    Aug 16, 2009
    Immigration reform timetable gives Latino pause

    By Elaine Ayala - Express-News

    When President Barack Obama announced a timetable last week that puts off comprehensive immigration reform until next year, some advocates and other observers weren't surprised, given the still-struggling economy and the massive health care and energy bills ahead of the issue.

    But while supporters of both the president and immigration reform put faith in its new promise — which as a candidate Obama had promised in 2009 — some advocates are sounding more doubtful.

    Some fear that “comprehensive
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    makes me laugh

    If you read the comment to every one of the stories, the public opinion is always against them. You'd think by now the would give up and go home, but maybe they are afraid to say anything in their own country about the corruption. We need to make sure that only American are heard here in America and let them know it's not ok to come here and protest against our constitution and laws. It need to be clear the constitution only covers citizens, not illegals .
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    Anyone else hear an eerie silence from the pro-amnesty crowd here? The immigration reform timetable is only "giving them pause". The idea that amnesty is NOT going to happen before the 2010 elections only causes them to contemplate?

    Why isn't LaRaza screaming? Where is ol' dependable Louis Gutierrze? What does the Congressional Hispanic Caucus have to say?

    I think they're quiet because they know the new plan, Obama's Defacto Amnesty Plan, is already in the works.

    Obama knows full well amnesty will never pass before 2010 elections. He's not even going to try. He's almost said as much. He's said he wants an amnesty bill to Congress by early 2010, but he knows it won't pass in an election year because the American people don't want it. Its been defeated twice in the past three, four? years. After all the crap in the last six months, it will NEVER pass now.

    Obama's not even going to try to piecemeal legislation through Congress. Legislation would be too public. There's a record of it. Congressional reps up for re-election won't want to vote for pro-illegal alien legislation. ALIPAC, NumbersUSA, and all of us could too easily keep track.

    No problem. His administration will simply pass a Defacto Amnesty Plan through administrative policy changes. Obama, and Napolitano, and Holder at DOJ, and maybe some of those Czars that are not vetted or approved by Congress, can do it all on their own. Accountable to no one but Obama. Each of them can just pass the hot potato on to the next. Napolitano can site DOJ, DOJ can refer us to the Czar of Something or other.......

    We have already been alerted to some of these policies. Like no more workplace raids, just fine the employers with civil fines low enough that they can just consider it the cost of doing business. Weaken 287g, investigate Sheriff Arpaio, and therefore intimidate any other law enforcement from using 287g. Eliminate the No Match rule enforcement. Only deport illegals who have committed violent crimes. Make the INS process really short and quick and easy. Magically "eliminate" the backlogs at INS that just a few months ago were going to take years to clear. It just goes on and on.

    We might hear about these actions. But no formal record of the legislation, no record of the votes of Congress reps, because there are none. No one to hold accountable.

    If they can just keep all those Potential New Voters here, who are likely to support the "Progressive" agenda, and give them everything they could ever need or want, they will soon have enough voters for decades to come.

    Why wouldn't LaRaza be happy with this plan? Its actually better than the old one. Amnesty might not have passed. With this, they don't need the American people, who own this country. They don't even need the elected reps of the American people. Obama can do it all on his own. Almost like a dictator, or something.
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    Yept! Janet is already helping.

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