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    Infinite Monkey Theorem: How Dr. Q Made It Into the NYT

    Infinite Monkey Theorem: How Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa Made It Into The New York Times Discovered
    By Joe Guzzardi

    Pull up a seat and let me tell you a little bit about a former San Joaquin Valley neighbor of mine, once an illegal alien but now a prominent Johns Hopkins School of Medicine neurosurgeon and a MainStream Media darling.

    Actually, our Brenda Walker already introduced you to Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa, who is also an oncology professor, the director of the hospital’s neurosurgery clinic director, and research head at its brain tumor lab.

    Where Quiñones-Hinojosa’s finds himself today is a long way from his earlier life as a tomato-picker, hot dog vendor and a fish/sulfur lard loader—whatever that may be. [A Surgeon’s Path from Migrant Fields to Operating Room, by Claudia Dreifus, New York Times, May 13, 2008]

    I’m curious about Dr. Q—as he is so lovingly referred to by the New York Times, CBS, etc— for other than the obvious reason that he’s an alien success story and therefore the subject of endless media fawning.

    As it happens, Quiñones and I arrived in California at virtually the same time—but under dramatically different circumstances.

    A California native, in 1986 I returned home from Seattle, where I had lived for over a decade, to take a job at the Lodi Adult School teaching English as a Second Language.

    Quiñones, however, jumped the fence at Mexicali to begin his new life in Stockton as a farm worker.

    Since Quiñones spoke no English, it’s possible that he was a pupil in one of my classes. I had hundreds of migrant farm worker students, especially during the years when Ronald Reagan’s infamous amnesty was pending and one of the program’s conditions mandated 40 hours of language instruction.

    But Quiñones claims that he learned English at San Joaquin Delta College where he paid his own way.

    You may find it remarkable that a non-English speaking alien with no high school diploma can enroll in a community college.

    But, alas, because of various taxpayer-funded programs tailored to that specific demographic, it is not only possible but also easily and frequently done.

    As for “paying his own way,
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    In the 21-years since Quiñones arrived illegally in California, approximately 6 million other aliens (using the conservative estimate of 300,000 annually) have followed him into the state. One—and only one—of six million illegal aliens then (0.000000000166667) has become a neurosurgeon.

    .....The same applies to Quiñones relationship to illegal immigration’s merits. Although the New York Times wants its readers to conclude that more aliens means more brain surgeons, statistically the two are linked only infinitesimally.

    A much more revealing figure would be the correlation between illegal immigration and the aggregate incidents of drug dealing, drunk driving fatalities, identity theft, etc that have occurred since their arrival.

    The resulting ratio of those negatives as measured per 40 million aliens to the positive of brain surgeons graduated (one) makes the VDARE.COM argument overwhelmingly —that illegal immigration is devastatingly bad for America.

    You don’t have to be an ace at math to draw that conclusion.
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    This is a very good article by Joe Guzzardi.

    I think I will try to send him an email to ask if he has the numbers of the frequency of neurosurgeons in the US population for comparison.

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