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    Inglis, crowd differ on immigration

    This article is from the Greenville news. From what I understand everyone that did not support the amnesty bill was asked to stand up, sort of an informal poll, 95% stood Inglis still made clear he supported the amnesty.


    Inglis, crowd differ on immigration
    Most at town meeting oppose current bill

    Published: Monday, June 4, 2007 - 10:23 pm

    By Paul Alongi

    U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis invited his constituents to the Hughes Library in Greenville on Monday to tell him what they thought about immigration -- and they weren't shy.

    A passionate crowd of about 150 people made it clear, sometimes by shouting, that they oppose a measure that would give about 12 million illegal immigrants a way to legally remain in the country.

    The Travelers Rest Republican told his constituents that he disagreed with them on some points. One of them: He favors increasing the number of the nation's legal immigrants.

    "There are a lot of people who are ready to sign a death certificate for America and say, 'That's enough, we're closing รณ we're Europe,'" Inglis said. "If that's what you want, then run against me. I'm not signing the death certificate."

    A bipartisan bill in the U.S. Senate would allow illegal immigrants to remain in the country if they have a job, pass a criminal background check and pay a fine. President Bush supports the bill.

    Ed Diaz, who said his great-grandfather came to America in the 1800s, told Inglis that he is opposed to "any kind of amnesty agreement."

    "Let them all go home and reapply like everybody else did when they came into this country," Diaz said.

    Mark O'Rourke, one of the few supporters of the bill at the meeting, quickly learned how outnumbered he was. He was met with a chorus of boos when he proclaimed his support, but another supporter, Linda Hardin, spoke up.

    "No one booed any of you," she yelled. "Now you keep your boos to yourself."

    When the boos quieted, O'Rouke said the bill would get immigrants "out of the shadows."

    "We can have a society that runs by the rule of law, instead of the status quo where 5 percent of the workforce is illegal," he said.

    Inglis said that enforcing current law would mean that "12 million people must leave and never come back." Those are the people, he said, that "run our job sites."

    Some in the crowd disputed supporters' argument that America needs guest workers.

    "You can find some workers right here in the inner cities that would love to have these jobs that are being taken by them," Charles Harris said. ... 7706040350
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    Find him an opponent.

    I hope his constituents are looking for an opponent as we speak. His response was totally arrogant.

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    This is the mentality in Washington these days. They are completely ignoring the will of the people and closing their ears to the voices of their constituents. This agenda to legalize all the illegals in this country is being pushed forward regardless of what people say. Makes you wonder who is really driving this train.
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    Town Meeting Crowd Largely Against Immigration Law
    Tue Jun 5, 6:10 PM ET

    A South Carolina congressman who is against proposed immigration legislation that would grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants held a town hall-style meeting in Greenville on Monday -- and it appeared that most of the crowd agreed with him.

    The current immigration proposal in the Senate would tighten security at the Mexican border, but it would also allow those who entered the country illegally to stay.

    VIDEO: Two Sides To Immigration Debate

    During the meeting hosted by Rep. Bob Inglis, some of those attending had strong thoughts about how to handle illegal immigrants.

    "You refuse to give them the benefits that are drawing them here and they will go home of their own accord," one woman said.

    A man attending the meeting said, "I think that anyone who starts off breaking the law is starting off on the wrong foot."

    Inglis showed the crowd at the meeting pictures of his recent trip to the border, and he told them about new sensors being used at the border to detect when people are crossing.

    "To the question ? whether or not we have an enforceable system of law right now -- I think we do not. I think it is a mess," Inglis said.

    Inglis believes illegal immigrants shouldn't get benefits of social programs, but he does support a temporary worker program.

    "If you take that productive element of our economy out, I don't know what happens," Inglis said.

    One man at the meeting said that allowing immigrants who entered the country illegally to stay would reward unlawful behavior.

    "What do we say to other illegal acts like selling drugs, not paying child support, speeding? Do we allow amnesty for those kinds of things?" he said.

    When one man at the meeting asked for everyone who opposed the legislation to stand, and a majority of those in attendance rose to their feet.

    As for the immigration reform legislation pending in the Senate, Sen. Lindsey Graham supports the bill in its current form, Sen. Jim Demint does not.

    The Senate could vote on the legislation by the end of the week. The House could take it up next month.
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