INSANITY: El Paso Judge Dismisses ‘Riot’ Charges Against 140 Illegal Aliens, Releases Them From State Custody

By Cristina Laila
Apr. 23, 2024 1:40 pm

Texas National Guard members are seen being overrun by illegal immigrants trying to force their way across the southern border at El Paso, Texas. (@JennieSTaer / X screen shot)

El Paso County Judge Ruben Morales on Monday dismissed riot charges against 140 illegal aliens who participated in a ‘border riot’ on April 12 and released them from state custody.

The illegals cut through the concertina wire and rushed over the border illegally on April 12.

Judge Morales said he doesn’t believe probable cause exists to keep the illegals in custody for participating in a riot.

El Paso County Judge Ruben Morales (Credit: KFOX14/CBS4)

The El Paso District Attorney can still indict the illegals on riot charges.

The alien migrants were separately hit with federal charges for illegally entering the US.

El Paso Times

A county court judge dismissed 140 cases against migrants charged in an April 12 “riot” at the U.S.-Mexico border after determining there was no probable cause for their arrests.

County Court at Law 7 Judge Ruben Morales dismissed the 140 cases during a hearing Monday, April 22, after ruling Texas Department of Public Safety state troopers failed to provide probable cause for the mass arrest.

“After reviewing the affidavit, I don’t believe that (probable cause) exists,” Morales said during the hearing. “I don’t believe there is probable cause for these individuals to continue to be detained for the offense of riot participation.”

The migrants will now be released from state custody. However, all 140 migrants are still facing federal charges of illegal entry into the U.S. and will be turned over to federal custody.

This is the second time an El Paso judge has taken the side of illegal aliens.

The Gateway Pundit previously
reported that hundreds of illegal aliens from Africa, Central America, Colombia, and Venezuela made a rush for the border in El Paso, Texas after they were pushed south of the concertina wire in the middle of the night by the National Guard.

The illegals
breached the concertina wire, overwhelmed National Guard members, and made a rush for the border.


Jennie Taer

This is the moment when TX National Guard became overrun by migrants rioting to get across the border here in El Paso today

We were there and saw it all happen. Absolute chaos here.

Watch on X
2:53 PM · Mar 21, 2024

According to the New York Post, the National Guard personnel reported the seizure of knives and makeshift weapons from individuals involved in the disturbance. Additionally, there was an instance where an illegal alien attempted to seize a firearm from a soldier.

Several soldiers stationed near Gate 36 on that day required medical attention for minor injuries and were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

On Easter Sunday, El Paso Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta ordered the release of a large group of illegal immigrants accused of participating in a violent encounter with National Guard troops along the Rio Grande.

Meanwhile, more than 1,000 January 6 defendants are rotting in prison on ‘disorderly conduct’ and ‘conspiracy to obstruct’ charges for peacefully walking through the US Capitol.