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    Invaded by a beautiful wondrous culture

    I HOPE that MILLIONS of these folks prance in and add to the diversity and multi-culturalism that enriches us poorer folks who do not possess the wealth to keep the invaders at arm's length.,10117,17 ... 09,00.html

    Posted on this non-profit site to encourage discussion of affairs and events of importance to society.

    "Serial killer a death cult member
    From: Reuters From correspondents in Mexico City
    January 29, 2006

    A FORMER female wrestler, accused of killing 11 elderly women in the Mexican capital, had an altar to the skeletal, scythe-wielding Santa Muerte death cult figure in her home, newspapers said.

    Police searching the home of Juana Barraza, 48, after her arrest this week found a statue of Santa Muerte, or Saint Death, who is popular with thieves and drug smugglers, Reforma newspaper said.
    She has confessed to several murders, police said.

    Barraza, accused of being the feared "Mataviejitas," or "Little Old Lady Killer," sought by police for years, left offerings for the figure and also had a dead snake preserved in a jar in her home, papers said.

    Barraza was arrested on Wednesday after she was spotted fleeing the home of an 82-year-old woman who had been strangled with a stethoscope. Barraza has been charged in the woman's death.

    Police say fingerprints link her to the murders of 10 other old women in the capital since 2000 and say she may have murdered another 30 people, most of them elderly women.

    Santa Muerte is a centuries-old pagan cult which has seen a resurgence in interest in recent years and now claims some TWO MILLION faithful in Mexico. Followers range from elite politicians to kidnappers and gangsters.
    The Catholic Church frowns on the cult."

    I feel so sorry for Ted Kennedy and the other ultra-rich in their gated communities and living in areas where the cost of housing is so HIGH that the diversity and multi-culturalism forced upon us can not reach them. Despite their immense wealth they are impoverished!!!!! Can we not get some federal funding to move a few thousand invaders into the wealthy elite conclaves so they, too, can revel in the joys we experience daily?

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    yeah when I heard about this in the news I figured as much

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    Learn more about the modern beliefs of some of the invaders that will guide our country and culture to a bright shining future!!!!!!!

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    I just caught a snip of that on the news.
    I think you're right...I believe sincerely that we should import some of these wonderful people into the Kennedy complex...a few into McCains...etc...a few being 2 or 3 thousand...let them stand cheek by jowl..let Kennedy figure out who is a criminal and who is not...

    The men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed. " - Lloyd Jones

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