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    Iowa Dem. Senators want health care for illegal alien kids..

    Health Care Coverage Should Be Extended To Undocumented Immigrant Children In Iowa, Opinion Piece Says
    13 Jan 2009

    The Iowa Legislature this year needs to include the "uninsured, undocumented immigrant child" in legislation "guaranteeing all eligible children health insurance by 2011," Sen. Jack Hatch (D-Iowa), chair of the Senate Health & Human Services Budget committee, and Sen. Joe Bolkcom (D-Iowa), chair of the Senate Ways & Means Committee, write in a Des Moines Register opinion piece. The state Legislature last year approved legislation that guarantees eligible children health insurance by 2011. According to Hatch and Bolkcom, undocumented immigrant children were "left out" of the plan. They ask, "What does the state hope to achieve by promoting the perpetuation of a subclass of sick kids within our state, increasing the costs that are associated with disease and illness, all while putting our own kids at risk?"

    They continue, "Studies have shown that allowing [undocumented immigrants] access to primary care health services is the best and cheapest way to keep them healthy." Hatch and Bolkcom write, "We are already providing health services to undocumented children in the emergency rooms of our community hospitals," which "is the single most expensive venue to provide health care services. It is far more cost-effective to provide care in an organized fashion."

    "Through the proposal that will be presented this legislative session, we hope to join the ranks of other states that have decided to provide access to health care programs to undocumented immigrant children," Hatch and Bolkcom write. "There is no justifiable purpose in denying health care coverage for these kids" (Hatch/Bolkcom, Des Moines Register, 1/12).

    Reprinted with kind permission from You can view the entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report, search the archives, or sign up for email delivery at The Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report is published for, a free service of The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

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    Okay then why don't you personally pay for their g-d damn health care you walking farting (talking) horse's asses called senators? We are so damn sick and tired of being the world's health care agency as 5,000 to 10,000 illegally cross the border every week further burdening our health care with it's LIMITED resources forcing the shut down of more health care institutions while the number of Americans and veterans losing access to health care skyrockets and our economy continues to descend into the third world abyss of poverty and despair.
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    "There is no justifiable purpose in denying health care coverage for these kids" (Hatch/Bolkcom, Des Moines Register, 1/12).
    There's no justifiable purpose to deny anyone anything if you can afford it.

    My question is....ok, then when they turn 18, then what? We're not talking in many cases about just a cold here and there.....I mean there's organ transplants and life long illnesses that require a lifetime of special care. Who's gonna foot the bill then when they don't fund any of it for our citizens? All it takes is a cut and our own citizens can't afford it and are tossed under the bus and they have paid in for things.
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