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    Islam's Sexual Fantasies of European Women Come True?

    August 2, 2023

    Islam's Sexual Fantasies of European Women Come True?

    By Raymond Ibrahim

    It seems that the sexually lurid fantasies of Tarek bin Zayid, a renowned jihadist who spearheaded the conquest of Spain in the eighth century, have finally been fulfilled.

    When Tarek and thousands of other North African Muslim marauders first landed on the southernmost tip of Spain in A.D. 711, Tarek sought to further entice the men, who were already lusting after booty and plunder, by citing the women of Spain, who were supposedly waiting to welcome the Muslims with open arms. They "are awaiting your arrival," Tarek insisted, "reclining on soft couches in the sumptuous palaces of crowned lords and princes."

    These European women were, moreover, "as beautiful as houris," said the jihadist leader. (In Islam, houris are supernatural sex slaves — "big-bosomed" and "wide-eyed," says the Koran [56:22, 78:33]) — created for the express purpose of pleasuring Allah's favorites in perpetuity.)

    Of course, the only things to greet the Muslim invaders were Christian swords.

    Eventually, however, the Muslims conquered Spain, and women "as beautiful as houris" they got — but only by force, enslavement, and rape.

    After subjugating and utterly plundering Spain of its wealth, in 715, Tarek and his overlord, Musa, traveled to Damascus and offered vast treasures in tribute — including 30,000 Spanish slaves — to Umayyad caliph Al-Walid. He, according to al-Maqqari the historian, was utterly delighted by "the resources of all the people of Spain ... its riches and the beauty of its young girls."

    Thereafter, and because the "Umayyads particularly valued blond or red-haired Franc or Galician women as sexual slaves," writes historian Dario Fernandez-Morera, "al-Andalus [Muslim-controlled Spain] became a center for the trade and distribution of slaves [The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise, p. 159]." Christian subjects were sometimes even required to make an annual tribute "not of money, or horses, or arms, but of a hundred damsels (all to be distinguished for beauty) to ornament the harems [Spain and Portugal, Mercer, p. 132]."

    In all cases, however, Spain's women, far from being found "reclining on soft couches," as Tarek had said, "awaiting" with open arms the North African invaders, were actually taken by force and enslavement — dragged by their hair screaming.
    Today, however, it would seem that Tarek's prophecy was not false, but rather premature — finding fulfillment only now.

    According to a July 11, 2023 Spanish language report,

    The almost 500,000 illegal migrants who are waiting in Libya for their onward journey to Europe are already arriving in droves at the holiday beaches of the Mediterranean. Videos from Italy and now Spain show dinghies reaching the beach and migrants running to the mainland, cheering.

    A particularly bizarre scene that is probably unique to the western decline took place in the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park in southern Spain [which is geographically very near where Tarek and the first Muslims landed in 711]. Another boatload of illegal immigrants [sic] of working age (all men) landed on the beach there over the weekend.

    But instead of the police or the military greeting the migrants, they are actually received by topless women and thong bikinis. They even help you out of the boat.

    In these scenes, Orientals and Africans must actually think they have landed in the promised land, where milk and honey are flowing and the unbelieving women are willingly waiting for them.

    Indeed, the brief video shows a bunch of European women — some topless, all scantily clad if not nearly naked — rushing to greet and help this latest crop of Muslim invaders — the long promised houris!

    Not only do such "scenes" confirm to Muslims that they have finally reached the "promised land," where all manner of goods — including beautiful infidel women — await them, but it confirms another ancient Muslim conviction: that European women are "just there for sex," as a group of Muslim refugees once told a German woman before reaching into her blouse and groping her.

    Whatever the motivation of those women on the Spanish beach may have been — perhaps just to help — make no mistake: to the male Muslim mentality, naked and near-naked European women rushing to them is understood in only one way. In the words of a Muslim cabbie: "All Australian women are sluts and deserve to be raped."

    Or, as another Muslim man explained to a British woman as he was raping her, "you white women are good at it." (For more on this motif, which has influenced Muslim perceptions of European women, past and present, click here.)

    At any rate, such are the signs of the times: for centuries, Europe — often spearheaded by Spain, home of the Reconquista — fought off one Muslim invasion after another. Today, however, even more Muslims are illegally flooding into Europe — many thousands to Spain alone, where they have engaged in countless criminal acts, including rape (examples here, here, and here) — but the only thing to greet them upon arrival is eager-to-help women in the nude.

    Who can honestly blame Muslims for their onetime warped, but increasingly confirmed, views of the West?

    Raymond Ibrahim, author of Defenders of the West and Sword and Scimitar, is the Distinguished Senior Shillman Fellow at the Gatestone Institute and the Judith Rosen Friedman Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

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