Joe Biden Busing Waves of Illegal Border Crossers to San Diego


San Diego is feeling the heat as migrant centers run out of funding, and President Joe Biden’s Border Patrol buses continue dropping off thousands of illegals a week in the city.

Officials are scrambling to figure out what to do with the thousands of homeless illegals Biden is still sending into San Diego even as the city’s migrant centers have run out of both federal and private funding.

The city’s last migrant welcome center closed down on February 22 when it ran out of money, leaving all newcomers to be disgorged from Border Patrol buses out onto the streets and to their own ends.

Migrants unload their items off a bus as they arrive at a bus stop after leaving a processing facility on February 23, 2024, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

Just since December, Border Patrol has
dropped 42,000 illegals in San Diego County, overwhelming the city and local non-governmental organizations.

San Diego County Supervisor Joel Anderson hopes to get renewed federal funding from Biden’s regime as the migrant waves roll on.

Anderson even pleaded with Biden to temporarily shut the border down to give San Diego some breathing space and more time to find new funding sources,
KGTV-TV reported.

Supervisor Jim Desmond

Over 1,300 people have been dropped on the streets of San Diego in the past three days. This is entirely the fault of the Federal Government for its open border policies and the State of California for incentivizing people from around the world to come here.

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6:02 PM · Feb 25, 2024

Despite Anderson’s pleas to the administration, Biden’s buses continue to flood the city with the release of thousands. And now, $6 million in funding that came into the city since October has been exhausted.

Lindsay Toczylowski, executive director of Immigrant Defenders Law Center, lamented that the amount of cash spent on Biden’s migrant crisis in San Diego seems to have been burned up without lasting effect.

“It’s astounding that $6 million have been spent in less than four months’ time and, as a region, we have absolutely no enduring welcoming infrastructure to show for it. This is unacceptable,” Toczylowski said.
The constant flow of “street releases” has set officials against each other in the deep blue county.

In just six months, Biden’s federal government has dumped 100,000 migrants in the San Diego area, county officials said, according to
Cal Matters.

According to Border Patrol, there is no choice but to dump the illegals in the streets in San Diego County, the site added. The buses have no other place to go because the holding centers are overcrowded and have no room for more.

Republican San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond blasted the Biden administration for the continued crisis.

“The federal government must manage the mess they’ve created,” Desmond said. “We need the border to be secure and the laws to be upheld, including asylum cases to be heard on a case-by-case basis, not just mass released. But, in the meantime, if the federal government allows this to take place, they must fund the chaos they’ve created.”

Bill Melugin

NEW: We were live on the air as the first of many Border Patrol buses began arriving and mass releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants to San Diego’s streets. We spoke to many of them live - they are from all around the world and they are planning to go to blue cities in U.S.

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2:15 PM · Feb 23, 2024

But the buses keep coming. On Friday, Border Patrol dropped off dozens more migrants from Senegal, China, Ecuador, Rwanda, and many other countries, the Associated Press reported.