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    Juarez cartel drug smuggler sentenced

    Juarez cartel drug smuggler sentenced
    By Louie Gilot / El Paso Times
    Article Launched: 07/24/2007 05:06:50 PM MDT

    A man identified as a "gatekeeper" for the Juárez cartel was sentenced to 25 years in prison on drug charges today in Midland, U.S. Attorney officials said.
    Gracielo Gardea Carrasco, 62, a Mexican national, had been extradited to the United States in January along with 15 other high profile drug traffickers, including Osiel Cardenas Guillen, the kingpin of the Gulf cartel. Drug Enforcement Administration officials said Gardea was a "gatekeeper" responsible for controlling drug smuggling across the border for the Juárez cartel. Gardea was allegedly working with a Midland gang known as "Los Tres de la Sierra," or the three from the mountain. He pleaded guilty in April to conspiracy and possession of marijuana.
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    25 years??? thats all?

    that aint squat.

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