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    June 14th National Flag Day All American Walk Out. ... erica.html

    June 14th National Flag Day All American Walk Out.

    In support of the Citizens of the United States and it's laws. In protest against the blatant betrayal by our politicians, lets make the country come to a stop! If possible, and it does not endanger your job, do not go to work, do not shop or even buy gas! We are 300 million, the illegal's are but 12 million, and the politicians have forgotten where their allegiance should lie.
    This national walk-out is not a protest rally in the streets or banner waving, it is a show of strength, real strength. The economic damage on Corporate America and the government is exactly the point we need to make. Corporate America and the Politicians are not listening to us. They are not listening to our faxes, emails or phone calls. They are continuing with their traitorous "sell out as usual" policies, while we foot the bill.

    The illegal's and their supporters have had their day, May Day.

    Now its our turn:

    We have Flag Day, this day should be a national holiday as it is the anniversary of the adoption of Our American Flag, and is also the birthday or the United States Army.
    Many companies have expressed support for the idea. In a public showing of their support to the United States citizen, a few have even volunteered to give their employees a day off with pay, as they too, feel this is an important message.
    This is in direct contrast with those companies that allowed a day off for their illegal workers with no punishment whatsoever; very few illegal's actually lost their jobs on the May Day boycott.
    However, since legal workers are entitled to sick leave, a one day walkout in the vast majority of cases, and with patriotic employers, will NOT result in job loss.

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    This sounds great to me, I am disabled or retired, I can refraing from shopping anywhere or buying gas! I will try ot talk my family who work to take a day off!
    Build the dam fence post haste!

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    Flag Day

    YES!! June 14, 2006. Take our country back. Tell everyone to participate in the movement. Show Congress and the White House that the "silent" majority will be silent no more.

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    You can count my family of 5.

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