Posted By Steve Guest On 2:20 PM 01/07/2016

Former adviser to George W. Bush and campaign strategist Karl Rove went quail hunting in Texas over his Christmas vacation and ended up discovering two illegal immigrants.

In an interview with Fox News’s “Bill O’Reilly,” Rove said they discovered the two men in their hunting lease and “called the Border Patrol in.”

There were “two guys hanging out underneath a mott, trying to hide. One of them obviously in distress.”

According to Rove, the illegals were dressed in black, which he indicated that according to the Border Patrol is “not a good sign” and that they were “pros.”

“One of them was in very bad shape. After our truck surrounded the mott, he sort of came out and surrendered in return for some water and chocolate,” Rove said. “But the other guy was defiant. He snuck out of the back of the mott, crawled out, we think in order to hide something and then when he realized he didn’t have any options he stood up raised his hands and started walking north, knowing that we wouldn’t shoot him and so a couple of us trailed him until the Border Patrol showed up and grabbed him.”

Rove explained that after the agents apprehended the two illegals, the told him, “We need help. We don’t have enough resources. We need more assistance and the border is not safe.”