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    Kevin McCarthy targeted by pro-immigration groups

    Kevin McCarthy targeted by pro-immigration groups

    Labor unions are trying persuade McCarthy to support a pathway to citizenship. | AP Photo

    By JAKE SHERMAN | 8/8/13 4:49 PM EDT

    Labor unions say they are going to flood House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s Bakersfield, Calif., district on Wednesday, in an attempt to persuade him to support a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s undocumented immigrants.

    Cars will caravan along the roughly 115 miles from Los Angeles to Bakersfield early Wednesday morning, ahead of a midday demonstration outside McCarthy’s office, pressing the No. 3 GOP leader for a comprehensive immigration overhaul that includes a pathway. Organizers say hundreds of cars are making the journey.

    Groups that assembled the event — which include a number of labor groups, like the AFL-CIO — have branded McCarthy as having House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) ear and the ability to persuade him to take up comprehensive immigration legislation.

    (CARTOONS: Matt Wuerker on immigration)

    “The road to victory, the path to citizenship, goes through Bakersfield,” the flier reads.

    (PHOTOS: 10 wild immigration quotes)

    House Republicans have said they will vote on several small-bore immigration bills in October, after Congress completes its debate on government funding.

    Republican leaders have said they’re not open to passing a comprehensive bill but would prefer piecemeal legislation on issues like tougher border security.

    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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    This was supposed to be yesterday! Did they get anyone to their event or just generate press without much turnout?

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    William it is on Wednesday, August 14th according to the Los Angeles AFl-CIO.

    Tried to copy article from their webpage but it wouldn't let me copy their http. If you want to see the article search for "Let's Travel the Road for Citizenship" .

    According to their article it says: "On August 14, over 30 cities and hundreds of cars — from all corners of the Golden State — will travel in caravan to Bakersfield, California, to urge House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) to support and advocate for a vote on immigration reform with a path to citizenship.
    In Los Angeles alone 30 unions have already committed turn up to the Citizenship Caravan. One of them is the Professional Musicians Union, Local 47, “We are participating in the citizenship caravan because we support the path to citizenship. This is about human rights and human dignity. This is a workers’ movement. We need to stand together. The future will show that supporting immigrant workers is the right side of the immigration issue,” says Ethan Harris, an organizer at local 47."

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    This is such a bunch of Mark Zuckerberger, Silicon Valley purchased theater. There is no great support among the average REAL AMERICAN CITIZEN for amnesty. This is so pathetically phony. Don't let them get away with it. Organize something, get signs to the expressway over passes.

    The average American does not like the mega rich. We only need to expose this theater and the purchasing of our laws by the mega rich. When the American citizen sees the mega rich trying to purchase his country's laws he will get really angry about it and fight it. Our best strategy is to make the average American aware of the mega rich trying to purchase our country's government.

    Make yourselves heard loud and clear everywhere, e.g. at the supermarket check out counter even if the cashier does not want to hear it. Speak loud so everybody in line can hear you. Times are too desperate to be bashful.

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    Notice these are not real Americans, but purchased union puppets.

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