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Thread: Knife Wielding Gang Murders French Teen-‘We Came to Kill White People!’ Shouted Ethni

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    Knife Wielding Gang Murders French Teen-‘We Came to Kill White People!’ Shouted Ethni

    Knife Wielding Gang Murders French Teen-‘We Came to Kill White People!’ Shouted Ethnic Slurs in Arabic During Attack

    By Margaret Flavin
    Nov. 23, 2023 2:00 pm

    Image: @capTercio/XOn Sunday, in the small rural French village of Crépol, a 16-year-old boy was stabbed to death, and at least 17 other people were injured after an organized gang armed with knives attacked the annual winter ball event.

    In the chaos, 16-year-old Thomas was stabbed twice in the chest and throat and died of his injuries.

    According to RMX News, the gang reportedly used Arabic slurs for White people as they stabbed several partygoers and are being described as Algerian immigrants.
    Nine individuals have now been arrested in the murder and suspected racially motivated attack.
    RMX News reports:

    “It wasn’t just a fight like we’re used to, where there’s little punches thrown at each other. We saw between 15 and 20 people arrive. We didn’t know them, they took out the knives, they were there to kill. We experienced it as an attack,” one eyewitness told French media.

    “There were around thirty of them, according to my daughter’s friends,” said another local resident. “They shouted, ‘We are going to kill White people,’” he added, as cited by
    Paris Match.

    French police have since amended their description of the attack, telling national media, “A brawl is two groups of young people who have decided to make an appointment and confront each other. Here, we are not in that configuration.”

    Footage circulated on social media which Remix News has chosen not to republish purports to show individuals being stabbed by a group of young men who shout, “F**king gwer” — an Arabic slur for White people.

    BFMTV’s crime correspondent
    Maxime Brandstaetter said of the suspects, “They are, for some, very well known to the justice system, in particular for theft, for break-ins linked to narcotics, for refusing to comply.”

    French politician Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, niece of Marine Le Pen, spoke out after the tragedy.

    “Anti-white racism now hits even our countryside. At
    #Crépol , two witnesses say in @ledauphine that the barbarians wanted to ‘plant white people.’ It’s the hunt for the Gauls.”

    Marion Maréchal

    Désormais le racisme anti-blancs frappe jusque dans nos campagnes. À #Crépol, deux témoins racontent dans le @ledauphine que les barbares voulaient “planter des blancs”. C’est la chasse aux Gaulois.

    4:56 AM · Nov 21, 2023

    “Like me, you can’t get over Thomas’ murder at #Crépol . This is not a nightclub brawl or a simple “brawl”. This is anti-white racism. It is time to answer them firmly before life in France becomes hell.”

    Marion Maréchal

    Comme moi, vous ne vous remettez pas du meurtre de Thomas à #Crépol. Ce n’est pas une bagarre de sortie de boîte de nuit ou une simple “rixe”. C’est du racisme anti-blancs. Il est temps d’y répondre fermement avant que la vie en France ne devienne un enfer.

    Watch on X

    7:27 AM · Nov 21, 2023

    “The French suffer daily terror, which is the work of people, largely from immigrant backgrounds, to whom France has given everything. In Crépol, what should have been a moment of celebration turned into a moment of horror and mourning. @CNEWS”

    Jordan Bardella

    Les Français subissent une terreur quotidienne, qui est le fait de gens, en grande partie issus de l'immigration, à qui la France a tout donné. A Crépol, ce qui devait être un moment de fête s'est transformé en un moment d'horreur et de deuil. @CNEWS

    Watch on X
    1:22 PM · Nov 23, 2023

    “A gang of Algerians stabbed 17 French people at a music festival in a small town in Crepol, Drome. “We are here to stab the targets” they said. As a result of the attack, Thomas, a 16-year-old Frenchman, died. The patriots wallpapered the streets of France with their faces in the face of media silence. Another European who enjoys multiculturalism. Then they are surprised when the right-wing parties, which denounce these situations, do not stop growing.”

    Capitán General de los Tercios

    Una banda de argelinos apuñaló a 17 franceses en un festival de música en un pequeño pueblo de Crepol, Drome.
    "Estamos aquí para apuñaIar a los bIancos" decían.
    Como resultado del ataque murió Thomas, un francés de 16 años.
    Los patriotas empapelaron las calles de Francia con su…
    Show more

    7:29 AM · Nov 23, 2023

    Thomas, a promising rugby player, was remembered by his team and community.

    Petronilla Husbands

    FRANCE. Crépol
    French authorities arrested nine of a gang reportedly used Arabic slurs F**king gwer for White people
    We came to kill White people!’ of 15/20 who took out knives
    following the fatal stabbing of a French teenager in a suspected racially motivated anti-white attack.

    Watch on X
    12:21 PM · Nov 22, 2023

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