Latino National Evangelical Pastors Rejoice As Obama's Announces Immigration Reform

WASHIGTON, DC - The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC)co-sponsors of the Families United comprehensive immigration reform events with Congressman Luis Gutierrez in various cities around the Country, celebrates the White House announcement, that President Obama will lead Congress to start comprehensive immigration reform legislation by May.

CONLAMIC Latino Evangelical and Christian Leaders around the Country on a conference call on Wednesday afternoon, moved to organize, a "National Prayer Vigil on Good Friday", where Latino Churches will be compelled to "Fast and Pray" on behalf of what its expected to be an "spiritual battle of profound moral consequences for America", as described by the Reverend Miguel Rivera, Chairman of the Board of Directors, which represents over 20,000 thousand Christian and Pentecostal Hispanic Churches in 34 States.

"We are committed to bring this issue in prayer, due to the fact that its a highly sensitive and polarizing issue, which needs strong will from Members of Congress to be achieve and a pouring of love from all our fellow Americans, who will need to avoid the voices of those who will seek to hijack this debate into a political opportunism" said also the Reverend Rivera.

"Many of our Pastors in Atlanta were concerned that, the tears and anxiety that raids and deportations have created among our Latino families, were going no where but now we can go back to our churches and bring these news of joy and redemption, which for sure will make our faith stronger and fill our hearts with hope, making us more proud of being preachers of the Gospel in America", said the Reverend Antonio Mansogo, President of the Georgia Hispanic Pastor's Association (CEPMA) main sponsors of a visit by Congressman Gutierrez to Atlanta, where over 3,000 people, prayed together for comprehensive immigration reform back on February 28.

"Those who have suffered the lost of large groups of families, that have being forced to move out of the State of Oklahoma, due to a State Law that punish landlords for renting an apartment to undocumented people and makes us Pastors, responsible for aid and abate church members while transporting them from their homes to our Churches, will rejoice with a humble attitude and praise God, because of these good news" said also the Reverend Jose Alfonso, Pastor of the Cornerstone Christian Church, one of the main plaintiffs in a lawsuit against legislation HB-1804 from Oklahoma, which was enacted back in May 2007.

"Our Churches in Providence, Rhode Island will celebrate with joy and prayers on Good Friday because of these news, which moves us also to believe that, the Freedom preached by Christ Our Lord on the Cross, is once again bringing deliverance and hope to those who had no other choice but to hide in the shadows of fear and terror, due to the anti-immigrant sentiments that have aroused, due to Governor Donald Carcieri's actions, empowering State Troopers to arrest and hold undocumented immigrants while being stop for traffic violations and minor offenses", said also the Reverend Eliseo Nogueras, President of the Latino Christian Clergy Association of Rhode Island.

CONLAMIC in a joint effort with the Latino Leadership Alliance will sponsor more "Families United" events with Congressman Gutierrez in New Jersey and Tennessee, on April 25 and 26. Other Members of Congress like, Representative Albio Sires and Senator Robert (Bob) Menendez, will be present.

CONLAMIC Hispanic Christian Churches will also convene for a National Day Of Prayer for Comprehensive Immigration Reform on June 6 at 12:00 noon, across the White House in Washington D.C. ... stors.html