Simply Incredible . . . Incredibly STUPID!: Bush RENOMINATES Julie Myers to Helm Immigration

By Debbie Schlussel

My inbox was filled with "Julie L. Myers" Google Alerts, this morning. Why? Not to announce her graceful exit. No, that would be too classy, too wise, too logical.

Nope. It was to announce that our ill-advised President RENOMINATED Julie L. Myers a/k/a "The ICE Princess" to continue heading up Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Incredible. The Veruca Salt Mollification treatment continues at the White House (except, in this case, unfortunately, the spoiled girl doesn't fall into the bin of nut-eating squirrels at the Wonka factory).

Myers: Bush Jumps the Shark Twice, Renominating Real-Life Veruca Salt
It'll be great for me if Myers stays. She provides plenty of material--mostly comedy, a lot of tragedy, and--of course--parody . . . parody far from what a real immigration enforcement chief would be like.

But it will be terrible for AMERICA! Who knew you could "Jump the Shark" TWICE! on immigration enforcement . . . with the same actress?

Says one ICE agent:

President admits one mistake on national tv...won't admit to Myers Mistake
Amen. Trust me--he speaks for the whole agency (minus Myers' cronies at the top who got their $45,000 bonuses).

I've already said it all on Ms. Myers-Wood-Cronyette's 1-year tenure, marked on Tuesday. This is the absurdity for which I shall remember the Bush Administration: cronyism and incompetence that keeps repeating like bad bean dip.

Our only hope is that the now Democrat-dominated U.S. Senate finally finds its testicles (which were nowhere to be seen under the Republicans) and skewers this woman, first in hearings, and then by voting her down.

But don't hold your breath. They are as serious as Bush in enforcing our nation's immigration laws, as in . . . not very.

Erik "Ponch" Estrada & LaToya "Bizarro" Jackson More Qualified to Run ICE
Of note, along with Myers' absurd renomination, yesterday, CBS premiered the show, "Armed and Famous." Erik Estrada, LaToya Jackson, and other D-List celebs got deputized as police. They went through the police academy and a lot of the training cops go through. And they made arrests.

Sad to say, America can now say that Erik Estrada (real name: Henry Enrique Estrada) and LaToya Jackson are more qualified to run ICE than Julie Myers.

At least, they have law enforcement experience. Unfortunately, they just don't have her connections.

I nominate "Ponch" for ICE honcho. A joke? Not any more so than the Myers nomination and renomination.