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Letters to editor from Orange County, CA Register

Letters - Helping Border Patrol do its job?

Protesters need a little more life experience

Jesse Diaz, a graduate student at U.C. Riverside and the other students need to find another social issue to protest ["Border watcher draws protest,'' Local News, March 20]. The Minuteman Project is no different than a neighborhood watch program. Its intent is to call in sightings of illegal immigrants crossing the border to the U.S. Border Patrol.

Minuteman's direct effect on illegal crossings will be minimal, but members' efforts will serve to bring attention to an issue our federal government has chosen to ignore.

These protestors (kids), haven't yet entered the workplace and begun paying the heavy burden of taxes that it takes to support our illegal population. I imagine their view of the world will be quite a bit different in 10 years when they have a mortgage to pay and kids to raise. I yearn for the days when I was young and thought I knew everything.

Clark Tracey
Huntington Beach

Racism doesn't apply

I have scoured the "Minuteman Project" Web site and was unable to find a hint of racism. The whole thrust of the organization is to report lawbreakers who enter our country illegally. Jim Gilchrist no more promotes racism than a person calling 911 and reporting a burglary does. The people crossing our border illegally are breaking the law regardless of their race.

Ironically, Jesse Diaz is the only person who makes race an issue in your article. People who turn their back on crime should be held accountable, not the ones who volunteer to stop it.

Brian Santagata
Mission Viejo

I'm a protester myself

Like thousands of other Minutemen Americans, energized and organized by Gilchrist, I will be down on the border in April protesting the Bush administration's total disregard for the integrity of our borders. Bottom line? I believe in protest, so if they want to come over to my place and carry signs calling me a racist domestic terrorist, I'll serve them coffee. But sorry, I can't spell KKK, let alone be a member.

Wayne Haaland
Anaheim Hills