Listen to Frosty Wooldrige on Rense Apr 23, 2024 talking about Illegal Aliens & the Earth Day Farce!


  • Discussion: Biden just let ~12 million illegal aliens into the country with no vetting, and with no understanding of what/who they are, or what they plan to do to us!
  • Earth Day Celebration: An International Farce
    • Chris Clugston, one of Frosty's colleagues, and his book, Blip: Humanity's 300 year self-terminating experiment with industrialism
    • Population explosion as it is impacting the Earth
    • 170 Trillion pieces of plastic tossed into our oceans
    • We've gone from burning 50 Million barrels of oil in 1970 to today where we're burning 100 Million barrels of oil 24/7
    • The tragedy of "road kill" where innocent animals die

  • Much more!