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    Lone Protester- Always On the Defense

    Lone Protester- Always On the Defense

    One of the first things that you learn in the infantry is that fighting defensively is a sure way to lose the battle. You may stay safer and conserve your resources but you also limit your freedom of movement. If you stay on the defense you are vulnerable to the other side in ways you cannot imagine. While you sit there defending yourself, your enemy will bypass you and take out your supply lines and headquarters units and then the battle is lost. While you sit there the enemy will hit you in the rear and you will wonder what happened because according to the way you think they should have hit you from the front. The offense is the key to winning the battle. To hit the enemy in every way possible and wear him down until surrender is his only option is the key to winning.
    This is what I see as our number one problem. It is why we are eventually going to lose this country if we don’t wake up and smell the roses. We are so used to being passive that it becomes second nature to us and when our world comes crashing down around us we want to block it out. We want to shut our eyes and not believe that with our government’s complicity over 38 million illegal aliens have invaded us. That is really hard for the average American to accept so he goes back into his defensive mode and continues to live in his little dream world where everything remains the same and say nothing. He pretends that everything is okay while another 38 million begins to invade.
    Our politicians bail out some rich crooks with our money and Joe American reads the news and retreats back into his defensive mode once again. After all, this is the land of the free and home of the brave and everything will be okay because it always has been, even though everything is changing drastically. Joe American will stay on the defense because that is his nature and in the process his world is going to change beyond imagination. Because he refuses to take the fight to the enemy and because he is constantly on the defensive he is going to lose. There is no surer way to defeat than operating this way.
    The other side is vastly more organized than us. They have been on the offense for years now, hitting us in ways we could not imagine and they are winning. They have succeeded in getting millions of illegals here and hardly a peep was heard from We the People. They are hitting us from every direction, law enforcement is on their side, government is on their side, our politicians are on their side, our schools are forced to lower their standards, our health system is being overloaded, and our jobs and businesses are being lost to them by the millions. All without hardly any reaction from Joe because it is his little world that matters and not the future of the greatest country in the world.
    It is time for the American people to go on the offense because our country is at stake. The only thing that we have going for us is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and it seems like everything else is on their side. Our courts were put there to defend us from our government and they have failed in their task. Justice officials everywhere in this land watch the outright criminality of our politicians and elite they choose to sit idly by while We the People are forced to face an uncertain future. Our elite judges and prosecutors and sheriffs and police watch while Americans are forced to bear the brunt of an illegal invasion and refuse to take action for the people. Instead of protecting us they have abandoned us. Instead of doing their jobs they follow the dictates of their political superiors.
    It is time for the offense because always being on the defense literally sucks. The defense is the politically correct way to fight a war that you will lose every time. I do not know about the rest of America but I am in this to win. This country belongs to 300 million American citizens and not to a few hundred self-centered jerks who believe that their individual power outweighs the power of the US Constitution.

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    The real battle shaping up is going to be in the US Congress. Has anyone seen the news stories of Democrats possible achieving a "filibuster-proof" majority in the US Senate? Conservatives need to get active in those races where they ---at least this year--could make a difference. I know it is tough with the Media being so deftly controlled by liberals. Both the Senate and the House are important. If Amnesty is passed in the Senate, it could get stopped in the US House.

    I started sending my Representatives emails of government reports about how much crime our US Border Patrol agents are fighting down their on the border. And if it was not stopped there then local governments would be picking up the tab.

    Idea: Where local government have had to budget a lot of money to fight immigration related crimes maybe they could be pressured to write to the US Congressmen. That kind of communication carries a lot more weight than what we say.
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